Summarize Web Policies With AI.

No-one reads Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policies. The DocDecoder browser extension uses GPT-4 to generate clear, concise summaries of any website's legal policies for you to skim over before you accept them.

Know exactly what you're agreeing to, at a glance.

GPT-4 searches through all the legalese to extract all the terms that will actually affect you, the user. Each term is displayed via intuitive colour coding, highlighting the positive, negative, and neutral effects.

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Break down ANY policy

Enter the URL of any legal policy and DocDecoder will tell you how it affects you.

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Highlight harmful terms

DocDecoder flags any potentially harmful terms in red.

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View unlimited summaries

Each free user can generate 2 new summaries per month, and view unlimited existing ones.

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Ask GPT-4

Ask our AI assistant any questions you have about a policy, and get instant answers.

Here's what others think:

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Ula Thefoo

Founder of Footprint Calculator

Unpacking lengthy web policies with GPT-4 is a stroke of genius, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out. Kudos to you for bringing this great tool to market.

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Harshana Geeth


Finally, a good solution to the legalese! This browser extension is a game-changer, offering succinct summaries of Terms & Conditions. A must-have for navigating the digital landscape responsibly.

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Narendra Solanki

Software developer

This tool is a much-needed solution for lengthy legal documents.

Download - it's free!

Finally understand what you're actually agreeing to online.