Airbnb Terms of Service

Read our summary of Airbnb's Terms of Service.


  • Airbnb offers a platform for users to book and list various accommodations and experiences.
  • Members must register an account to access many features of the Airbnb Platform.
  • Airbnb is not responsible for the conduct or performance of Guests and Hosts.
  • Hosts and Guests enter into contracts directly with each other.
  • Airbnb may terminate your account for breaches of terms, laws, or policies.
  • Hosts are responsible for understanding and complying with all laws applicable to their listings.
  • Search ranking for listings depends on various factors, including guest preferences and listing characteristics.
  • Cancellation policies vary by listing and are determined by the Host.
  • Airbnb offers a dispute resolution process for claims between Members.
  • Airbnb charges service fees for the use of its platform.
  • Members can review each other after a service is completed.
  • Members are responsible for the content they provide on the platform.
  • Airbnb's liability is limited in various ways as outlined in the terms.
  • Members must indemnify Airbnb against certain types of claims.
  • Arbitration agreement applies to users in the United States, limiting their ability to pursue class action lawsuits.

Things to watch out for

  • Be aware of the cancellation policy for each listing before booking, as they can vary significantly.
  • Understand that Airbnb is not liable for the actions or omissions of other Members.
  • Hosts need to be aware of and comply with local laws and regulations, which may include obtaining licenses and permits.
  • Service fees are charged for using the platform, and these can change with 30 days' notice.
  • If you reside in the United States, you agree to mandatory arbitration, waiving the right to participate in class action lawsuits.

AI recommendations

When using Airbnb, it's essential to thoroughly review the listing details, including the cancellation policy and house rules. Communicate clearly with your Host to ensure you understand all the terms of your stay. Hosts should ensure they are fully compliant with local laws and regulations, including those related to taxes and safety. Both Guests and Hosts should document the condition of the accommodation at check-in and check-out to support any potential claims. Remember that Airbnb's platform is a facilitator of the agreement between Host and Guest, and it's your responsibility to ensure a clear understanding of the terms of service.


What happens if I need to cancel my Airbnb reservation?

The refund you receive upon cancellation depends on the Host's cancellation policy for the listing, which can vary. Review the policy carefully before booking.

Is Airbnb responsible for any issues that arise during my stay?

Airbnb provides a platform for Guests and Hosts to connect but is not responsible for the conduct of either party. They offer a resolution center for disputes and provide some support for travel issues.

Can I be charged additional fees beyond what's shown on the listing?

Hosts must disclose all fees in their listing. Additional fees or charges collected outside the Airbnb Platform must be expressly authorized by Airbnb's Offline Fee Policy.

(Last updated: 04th January, 2024)

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