Apple iCloud Terms & Conditions

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  • Service available to individuals 13 years or older, or under 13 through educational institution request or Family Sharing setup.
  • Automatic iCloud enablement on iOS 9 or later devices during setup, unless previously disabled.
  • 5GB of free iCloud storage provided, with additional storage available for purchase.
  • Exceeding bandwidth or storage capacity may prevent backup and additional document or email storage.
  • Apple may suspend or terminate service for overuse or threats to service integrity.
  • iCloud features may vary by language, country, or region.
  • Apple reserves the right to modify service terms or features, with 30 days' notice for material changes.
  • Pro rata refund provided for material adverse changes to paid iCloud services before the end of current paid term.
  • iCloud Photos syncs photos and videos across devices, with resolution depending on device settings and storage.
  • Shared Albums and Shared Photo Library allow for shared access to photos and videos.
  • iCloud Drive enables file sharing with options for view-only or edit permissions.
  • Mail Drop feature for sending large email attachments without affecting iCloud storage quota.
  • Family Sharing allows sharing of purchases, subscriptions, and certain content with family members.
  • iCloud+ subscription offers additional storage and premium features like Private Relay and Hide My Email.
  • Two-Factor Authentication available for account security.
  • Account recovery options include recovery contacts and recovery key for Advanced Data Protection.
  • Location-based services use device location data but can be disabled by the user.
  • Find My service automatically enabled for locating devices and accessories.
  • iCloud Backup automatically backs up iOS devices under certain conditions.
  • Subscription upgrades for iCloud+ are automatically charged to the payment method on file.
  • 14-day withdrawal right for subscription cancellations with potential storage reduction consequences.
  • Content responsibility lies with the user, and Apple has the right to remove inappropriate content.
  • Apple owns all rights to the Service and Software, with user access governed by this Agreement.
  • Public Beta features may be offered for testing and feedback.
  • Software updates may be automatically installed to continue Service use.
  • Account termination can be initiated by the user or by Apple under certain conditions.
  • Content and data may be lost upon termination of the account.

Things to watch out for

  • Automatic iCloud enablement may lead to unintended storage of personal content on Apple's servers.
  • Exceeding storage limits can disrupt iCloud services such as backup and email.
  • Material changes to the service could occur with only 30 days' notice, potentially altering how you use iCloud.
  • Content uploaded to iCloud is under the user's responsibility and could be removed by Apple if deemed inappropriate.
  • Termination of your account by Apple can occur without prior notice under certain circumstances.


What happens if I exceed my iCloud storage limit?

Exceeding your storage limit may prevent you from backing up to iCloud, adding documents, or receiving new emails to your iCloud email address.

Can Apple make changes to the iCloud service or terms of service?

Yes, Apple reserves the right to modify the service and terms, with a 30-day notice for material changes, unless it's unreasonable due to legal or other specified reasons.

What should I do if I want to terminate my iCloud account?

You can disable iCloud on your device by signing out, and if you want to delete your Apple ID and terminate your account, you should contact Apple Support.

Data Collection

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Documents
  • App data
  • iCloud email content
  • Location data for location-based services

(Last updated: 04th April, 2024)

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