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  • The BBC takes your privacy seriously and has measures to keep your personal information secure.
  • The privacy policy outlines how the BBC uses your personal information.
  • The BBC may share your information with other organizations under certain circumstances.
  • Information about how long the BBC keeps your data is provided in the policy.
  • You have rights regarding your personal information, such as accessing or correcting your data.
  • There are specific provisions for handling the data of deceased individuals.
  • The BBC has a commitment to children's safety and privacy online.
  • The privacy policy includes information on how the BBC collects data from your use of their services.
  • Other users may be able to see your activity on the BBC in some instances.
  • Details on how apps, devices, and TVs may collect your data are included in the privacy notices.

Things to watch out for

  • The policy may allow the BBC to share your personal information with third parties, which could affect your privacy.
  • Understanding your rights and how to exercise them is crucial, especially regarding data access and correction.
  • Be aware of how long your information is retained and the circumstances under which it may be shared.

AI recommendations

When engaging with BBC services, it's important to review their privacy promise to understand how your personal information is handled. Pay particular attention to the sections on sharing your information and your rights to ensure you know how to manage your data. Additionally, if you have children using BBC services, familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines and privacy policies tailored for young users.


What does the BBC do with my personal information?

The BBC uses your personal information to provide and personalize services, conduct research and development, and for security purposes. They also outline circumstances under which they may share data with other organizations.

Can I control how the BBC uses my information?

Yes, the BBC provides cookie and browser settings to control your data, and you have rights to access, correct, or delete your personal information as outlined in their policy.

How does the BBC protect children's privacy?

The BBC has a dedicated Children's Privacy Policy and provides guidance on how to keep children safe online, ensuring a secure environment for young users.

(Last updated: 21st December, 2023)

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