BBC Terms of Use

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  • You need a TV Licence to access BBC television services.
  • Using BBC services outside the UK may be restricted or not allowed.
  • There are specific rules for commenting and uploading content to BBC platforms.
  • The BBC retains the right to use the content you post or upload.
  • You retain ownership of the content you create and share on BBC platforms.
  • The BBC has moderation policies to help manage community interactions.
  • You can participate in votes and competitions hosted by the BBC.
  • You are allowed to share content from the BBC, subject to certain conditions.
  • There are extra terms when using specific services like BBC Music Introducing and Rap Map UK.
  • You cannot use BBC content for commercial purposes without permission.

Things to watch out for

  • Make sure you have a TV Licence if you're accessing BBC television services.
  • Be aware of geographical restrictions when using BBC services outside the UK.
  • Understand that the BBC can use the content you post on their platforms.
  • Commercial use of BBC content without permission is not allowed.

AI recommendations

Before engaging with BBC services, ensure you understand the licensing requirements, especially if you're planning to access content from outside the UK. When participating in community features like commenting or uploading, remember that the content you provide may be used by the BBC in various ways. If you're considering using BBC content for your own purposes, particularly in a business context, you'll need to seek permission first to avoid any legal issues.


Do I need a TV Licence to watch BBC iPlayer?

Yes, you need a TV Licence to watch live television and use BBC iPlayer, regardless of the device you're using.

Can I access BBC services while I'm abroad?

Access to BBC services may be limited or restricted outside the UK due to rights agreements.

What happens to the content I upload to BBC platforms?

While you retain ownership, the BBC has the right to use, share, and even broadcast the content you post on their platforms.

(Last updated: 21st December, 2023)

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