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  • Agreeing to the terms binds you to arbitration, waiving your right to a trial by jury for disputes.
  • You cannot participate in class action lawsuits against BetterHelp; disputes must be resolved individually.
  • Therapists on the platform are required to be licensed and accredited professionals.
  • The platform is not suitable for emergencies or situations that require immediate, in-person attention.
  • BetterHelp is not responsible for the quality of advice given by therapists on the platform.
  • You have the option to change therapists if current services do not meet your needs.
  • The platform may modify, suspend, or discontinue services at any time without notice.
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, and you are responsible for canceling to avoid further charges.
  • Unused sessions do not roll over to the next billing cycle.
  • You must be legally able to consent to therapy or have the consent of a parent or guardian.
  • You are responsible for keeping your account information secure.
  • You must use your own payment means and are responsible for all associated fees.
  • The company disclaims all warranties and limits its liability for damages.
  • The platform's performance may be affected by various factors, including technical disruptions.
  • BetterHelp products are subject to US export and re-export control laws and regulations.

Things to watch out for

  • Binding arbitration and class action waiver significantly limit how disputes can be resolved.
  • Automatic subscription renewals could result in unexpected charges if not managed.
  • Therapy services provided may not be suitable for all mental health needs, particularly emergencies.


What happens if I have a dispute with BetterHelp or the therapy services provided?

Any disputes must be resolved through individual arbitration, not in court, and you cannot join class action lawsuits against BetterHelp.

Can I carry over unused therapy sessions to the next billing cycle?

No, unused therapy sessions do not roll over and expire at the end of each billing cycle.

What should I do if I need urgent mental health assistance?

BetterHelp is not designed for emergency situations. You should immediately contact local emergency services or follow the provided link to crisis resources in your area.

Data Collection

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Personal Health Information

(Last updated: 04th February, 2024)

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