BitTorrent Privacy Policy

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  • The Privacy Policy applies to BitTorrent's services, including websites, mobile applications, and software.
  • Personal information collected may include name, email, payment details, and other identifiers.
  • Information is collected automatically when using the service, such as IP address, device information, and usage data.
  • BitTorrent may collect location information to enhance services.
  • BitTorrent Speed and uTorrent Lite collect specific data to operate their features.
  • Cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies are used to collect data and deliver personalized ads.
  • Personal information may be shared with third-party service providers, business partners, and affiliates.
  • Personal information may be disclosed for legal reasons or in the event of a business transaction like a merger or sale.
  • BitTorrent may engage in automated decision-making and profiling with user data.
  • Data retention is for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes collected, comply with legal obligations, or enforce agreements.
  • Users have rights to access, correct, delete, or restrict the processing of their personal information.
  • California residents have additional rights under the CCPA, including opting out of the sale or sharing of personal information.
  • International transfers of personal information may occur, potentially to countries with different data protection laws.
  • Children under 16 are not the target audience, and their data is not knowingly collected.

Data Collection

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Payment information
  • IP address
  • Port number
  • MAC address
  • Cookie identifiers
  • Mobile carrier
  • Mobile advertising identifiers
  • Browser information
  • Device information
  • Internet service provider
  • Location information
  • Wallet address (for BitTorrent Speed)
  • Private ledger details (for BitTorrent Speed)
  • Product engagement data (for uTorrent Lite)

Things to watch out for

  • Personal information may be used for targeted advertising and shared with advertising partners.
  • Information may be disclosed to third parties in the event of legal requirements or business transactions.
  • Automated decision-making may be used, which could have significant effects on users.
  • International data transfers could mean your data is subject to different privacy laws.
  • California residents should be aware of their rights to opt out of data sales or sharing.


What personal information does BitTorrent collect?

BitTorrent collects information such as your name, email, payment details, IP address, location information, and usage data.

How does BitTorrent use my personal information?

Your data is used to provide services, for administrative purposes, for marketing, and may be shared with third parties for business purposes or legal reasons.

What rights do I have regarding my personal information at BitTorrent?

You have the right to access, correct, delete, or restrict the processing of your data. California residents have additional rights under the CCPA.

(Last updated: 23rd January, 2024)

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