Blizzard Entertainment Privacy Policy

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  • Personal information may be transferred and processed in the U.S. or other countries where Blizzard operates.
  • Blizzard may monitor and record voice and text communications for enforcement of their End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • Blizzard may share your information with third parties for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Your personal information may be disclosed if Blizzard is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets.
  • Blizzard retains the right to share your information with law enforcement or government authorities if required by law.
  • Sensitive data may be collected from esports participants for event logistics.
  • Blizzard uses tracking technologies like cookies, which can be used to target ads and analyze user behavior.
  • Blizzard collects a wide range of data, including game activity, transaction history, and device information.
  • Information collected is used to enhance gameplay experience and customer service.
  • You have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal information held by Blizzard.
  • Blizzard provides parental controls to help monitor children's game interaction.
  • You can opt out of having your game data included in Blizzard's community of developers program.
  • Blizzard uses secure measures to protect personal information.

Things to watch out for

  • Blizzard's extensive data collection practices, including sensitive data for esports events.
  • The possibility of your data being transferred internationally, which may affect your privacy protections.
  • The use of your data for targeted advertising and sharing with third-party partners.
  • Monitoring and recording of communications within Blizzard's games and services.


How does Blizzard use my personal information?

Blizzard uses your personal information for game functionality, customer service, marketing, and to comply with legal obligations, among other purposes.

Can I control how Blizzard uses my data?

Yes, you can manage your privacy settings, opt out of certain data sharing, and exercise your rights to access, correct, or delete your information.

What happens to my information if Blizzard is sold or merges with another company?

Your personal information may be transferred to the new company and become part of their business records, potentially affecting how it is used or shared.

Data Collection

  • IP address
  • Name
  • Home address
  • Country of residence
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Gameplay and in-game activity
  • Device information
  • Transaction/purchasing history
  • Chat and voice communication content
  • Information from linked third-party accounts (e.g., Facebook, PlayStation)
  • Geolocation data
  • Customer service interactions

(Last updated: 06th January, 2024)

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