Terms of Service

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  • You must accept all terms to use the service; non-acceptance means you cannot use the website or services.
  • The terms apply to all users, including browsers and customers.
  • Cablenova can update the terms at any time, and it's your responsibility to check for changes.
  • Information on the site may not be accurate, complete, or current, and Cablenova is not liable for any reliance on it.
  • Prices and services can be modified without notice, and Cablenova won't be liable for such changes.
  • Products may have limited quantities and are subject to Cablenova's return policy.
  • Credit card information is encrypted during transfer over networks.
  • Cablenova reserves the right to refuse service, limit or cancel orders at their discretion.
  • You must provide accurate purchase and account information for transactions.
  • Cablenova disclaims warranties and limits liability for your use of their service and products.

Things to watch out for

  • Cablenova can terminate your service immediately for breach of terms without notice.
  • Any errors or inaccuracies on the site regarding product descriptions, pricing, etc., may be corrected without prior notice, potentially affecting your orders.
  • By using the site, you indemnify Cablenova against claims or damages arising from your use or breach of the terms.

AI recommendations

Before using Cablenova's services or making a purchase, ensure you are comfortable with the possibility of sudden changes to prices and services, as well as the potential for inaccuracies on the site. Keep your account information up to date to avoid any issues with transactions. Regularly review the terms of service for updates that may affect your rights or how you use the site. If you have concerns about product descriptions or pricing, reach out to Cablenova directly before making a purchase.


What happens if I find an error in the product information after I've made a purchase?

Cablenova reserves the right to correct any information and is not liable for inaccuracies. Contact them directly for support on any issues with your order.

Can I cancel my service or order at any time?

You can terminate your agreement with Cablenova at any time, but they also reserve the right to cancel your service or order at their discretion.

Are there any guarantees on the products I purchase from Cablenova?

Cablenova disclaims warranties and conditions, but products are subject to their return policy and may have a guarantee as stated at the time of purchase.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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