Cricbuzz Privacy Policy

Read our summary of Cricbuzz's Privacy Policy.


  • Cricbuzz may collect personal and sensitive information, including financial details, health condition, and biometric information.
  • Cookies are used to improve user experience and for analytics, which is standard for most websites.
  • Information may be shared with third-party service providers and within the Times Internet Limited group.
  • Personal information may be transferred to servers in other countries, potentially outside the EEA.
  • Users can request access to or deletion of their personal information.
  • Third-party links on the site have their own privacy policies, which Cricbuzz does not control.
  • Cricbuzz's database is secure, but they cannot guarantee complete security of user data.
  • Cricbuzz uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads, which may use anonymized information about visits.
  • The privacy policy is subject to change, and continued use of the site implies acceptance of new terms.
  • Users can opt out of targeted advertising cookies.
  • Cricbuzz assumes parental consent for users under 18 providing personal information.
  • Cricbuzz has a grievance officer to address privacy concerns.

Things to watch out for

  • Personal information may be shared with third parties or other companies within the group without prior consent in certain circumstances.
  • Information may be transferred to servers in other countries, which might have different data protection laws.
  • Privacy policy can change, and it's important to review it periodically for any updates that may affect your privacy.

AI recommendations

When using Cricbuzz, it's important to be aware of the extent of personal information you provide, especially as it can be shared with third parties or across borders. Exercise caution and regularly review your privacy settings, particularly if you're concerned about targeted advertising. If privacy is a significant concern for you, consider opting out of cookies and be mindful of the information you provide on public forums, as it becomes publicly accessible.


What personal information does Cricbuzz collect?

Cricbuzz collects a variety of personal information including name, email address, financial details, health condition, biometric information, and more for providing its services.

Can I opt out of cookies on Cricbuzz?

Yes, you can manage cookie settings and opt out of targeted advertising cookies through your browser settings.

How can I address any privacy concerns with Cricbuzz?

You can contact the designated Grievance Officer at Cricbuzz for any privacy concerns or issues you may have.

(Last updated: 18th December, 2023)

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