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  • Your first name and email are collected for account creation purposes.
  • IP address is used to manage rate limiting and prevent abuse, enhancing security.
  • Cookies are used only to keep you logged in, not for tracking or marketing.
  • Stripe and MongoDB may have access to your data for payment and database services.
  • No analytics or tracking functionalities are implemented.
  • Your personal data is not shared with third parties, except as necessary with MongoDB and Stripe.
  • Data is stored securely on MongoDB's serverless platform.
  • All interactions with the database are authenticated and encrypted via HTTPS.
  • You have the right to access, modify, or delete your personal data.
  • You can request a copy of your data for portability.
  • User account data is retained indefinitely for account functionality.
  • Children under 13 cannot use the extension or provide personal data.
  • Privacy Policy may be updated occasionally without direct notification unless legally required.
  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA is maintained.
  • The extension does not read, store, or record your browsing activity or page content.

Things to watch out for

  • Be aware that your personal data is retained indefinitely, which might be a concern if you prefer data to be held for a limited time.
  • While the extension does not track or store user activity, it requires access to detect checkboxes, which could be a privacy concern for some users.
  • Updates to the Privacy Policy may occur without direct notification, so you should review the policy periodically.

AI recommendations

DocDecoder seems to prioritize user privacy by limiting data collection and not engaging in tracking or marketing. However, it's important to regularly check for updates to their Privacy Policy to stay informed. If you're concerned about indefinite data retention, consider reaching out to support for clarification or to exercise your data rights. Additionally, verify that the extension's access to detect checkboxes aligns with your privacy expectations.


What personal data does DocDecoder collect and why?

DocDecoder collects your first name and email for account creation and uses your IP address for security purposes. They do not collect data for tracking or marketing.

Can I delete my personal data from DocDecoder?

Yes, you have the right to access, modify, or delete your personal data by contacting

Does DocDecoder comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA?

DocDecoder states that they operate in compliance with all applicable privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA.

(Last updated: 9th December, 2023)

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