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  • DocDecoder provides AI-powered summaries to help understand legal policies.
  • Available globally without geographic restrictions.
  • You cannot redistribute, modify, repackage, or resell the extension or its assets.
  • All content produced by DocDecoder is owned by them.
  • You need permission to use any content generated by the extension.
  • Automatic updates are provided through the Chrome Web Store.
  • User support is available via email.
  • Your access can be terminated for abuse or ToS violations.
  • Summaries may be incorrect or incomplete; full policy reading is advised.
  • Data privacy is covered in a separate Privacy Policy.
  • Disputes are to be resolved via email communication.
  • ToS governed by the laws of DocDecoder's jurisdiction.
  • Terms can change at any time, and continued use binds you to new terms.

Things to watch out for

  • Content generated by DocDecoder is their property; unauthorized use is prohibited.
  • Service can be terminated if you violate the ToS or engage in abusive activities.
  • AI-generated summaries may not be accurate, so they should not be solely relied upon.
  • Terms of Service are subject to change, and by continuing to use the service, you agree to any modifications.

AI recommendations

When using DocDecoder, it's important to remember that the summaries provided are generated by AI and may not capture every detail accurately. Always cross-reference with the original documents for critical information. Be mindful of the ownership rights over the content produced by the extension; you will need permission for any use beyond personal. Lastly, keep an eye on updates to the terms, as continued use of the service means you accept any changes made.


Can I use the summaries provided by DocDecoder for my own purposes?

No, all content generated by DocDecoder is their property, and you need their permission to use it for any purpose.

What should I do if I find an error in a summary provided by DocDecoder?

While DocDecoder aims for accuracy, errors can occur. It's best to read the full policy document and report any discrepancies to their support team.

What happens if the Terms of Service change after I have started using DocDecoder?

If the ToS change, your continued use of the service indicates your acceptance of the new terms. It's important to review changes as they occur.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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