DocsBot AI Data Processing Agreement

Read our summary of DocsBot AI's Data Processing Agreement.


  • If there is a conflict between this DPA and the main service agreement, the DPA takes precedence regarding data processing.
  • The DPA is effective upon its incorporation into the main service agreement.
  • DocsBot AI will inform you of any updates to the DPA via email if you have an active subscription.
  • DocsBot AI will only process personal data based on your instructions unless required by law.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the data you provide to DocsBot AI complies with data protection laws.
  • You must ensure you have the right to transfer personal data to DocsBot AI for processing.
  • DocsBot AI will implement measures to protect personal data from breaches.
  • DocsBot AI employees or consultants are excluded from the definition of Sub-Processors.
  • DocsBot AI will assist you in responding to data subject requests.
  • DocsBot AI uses Sub-Processors to provide the service and will notify you of any new ones if you opt-in to such notifications.
  • You have limited time to object to new Sub-Processors and may have to terminate the service if you cannot resolve objections.
  • DocsBot AI may transfer personal data globally as necessary to provide the service.
  • DocsBot AI will provide information to demonstrate compliance with the DPA upon your request.
  • You are responsible for the secure use of the service, including data in transit to and from the service.
  • DocsBot AI will delete or return all personal data upon termination of the service, except as required by law.
  • DocsBot AI will provide reasonable assistance to help you retrieve your customer data during the subscription term.

Data Collection

  • Contact Information
  • Personal Data submitted by users
  • Other data as controlled by the customer

Things to watch out for

  • You must ensure that your use of DocsBot AI's services complies with all applicable data protection laws and that you have the legal right to share data with DocsBot AI.
  • Be aware that DocsBot AI may use Sub-Processors to process personal data and ensure you are comfortable with this practice.
  • Pay attention to how DocsBot AI will handle data breaches and ensure you agree with their procedures.
  • Understand your responsibilities in securing data in transit and managing the secure use of the service.


What happens to my personal data if I terminate my subscription with DocsBot AI?

DocsBot AI will delete or return all personal data upon termination of the service, except where they are required by law to retain it or have archived it on backup systems.

How will DocsBot AI notify me of any changes to the Data Processing Agreement?

DocsBot AI will inform you of any updates to the DPA via email, provided you have an active subscription and have opted in to receive email notifications.

Can I object to the use of new Sub-Processors by DocsBot AI?

Yes, you can object to new Sub-Processors within 30 days of being notified. If your concerns cannot be resolved, you may have the option to suspend or terminate your subscription service.

(Last updated: 16th February, 2024)

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