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  • Automatically collects data for site functionality and anonymous visit statistics.
  • Uses intermediary servers (proxies) to protect against DDOS attacks, which process IP addresses and approximate user location.
  • User authentication tokens are necessary for authorizing actions on the site and are stored by the service.
  • User data is automatically deleted after a period of inactivity on the site.
  • During login, users are redirected to Discord for authentication, and Discord may process information about the user's use of the service.
  • User data such as username, tag, avatar, and Discord ID are collected when submitting forms on the site.
  • IP address hashes are used to prevent spam and duplicate responses and are stored by the service.
  • The service may share user data with courts, prosecutors, police, and other authorized state bodies when legally required.
  • Cookies are used to maintain user sessions and improve site operation and security.
  • Users can change their browser settings to delete or block cookies, which may affect site functionality.
  • The service does not conduct business or provide services, so GDPR does not apply to data processing on the site.
  • Users have the right to delete, correct, and limit the processing of their data, with certain exceptions.
  • The service provides a form for users to exercise their rights regarding their data.

Things to watch out for

  • Discord may process information about your use of the service and link it to your Discord account.
  • User data may be shared with legal authorities if required by Polish law.
  • GDPR does not apply to this service, which may affect how your data rights are handled.

AI recommendations

When using EARTH's services, be mindful of the data collection and sharing policies. Since GDPR does not apply, your data rights might be handled differently than on other platforms that do engage in commercial activities. If you have concerns about your data privacy or how your data is being used, you can contact the administrator directly through the provided email or Discord channel. It's also wise to manage your cookie settings in your browser to maintain control over your privacy.


What kind of data does EARTH collect automatically?

EARTH automatically collects operational and analytical data, such as basic HTTP traffic exchange headers, user IP addresses, and approximate location data for security purposes.

Can I opt-out of data collection or request my data to be deleted?

You have the right to request the deletion, correction, and limitation of your data processing, but there are exceptions, especially when the data is necessary for the service's functioning or for legal reasons.

Does GDPR apply to the processing of my data on EARTH?

No, GDPR does not apply to EARTH's data processing as the service does not conduct business or provide services in a commercial capacity.

(Last updated: 12th December, 2023)

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