Ecologi Privacy Policy

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  • Auth0 handles authentication with cookies in the EU.
  • AWS provides hosting services in Ireland without using cookies.
  • Baremetrics is used for reporting in the US without cookies.
  • Chargebee manages subscriptions in the US without cookies.
  • is a community platform with its own platform.
  • Click Up is used for project management in the EU without cookies.
  • Databricks processes and analyzes data in the EU without cookies.
  • Datadog monitors operations in the EU with cookies.
  • Google has access to analytics, communications, and uses Tag Manager across multiple regions with cookies.
  • Gong records B2B sales calls and reports in the US without cookies.
  • HotJar performs website analytics in the EU and US with cookies.
  • Hubspot acts as a CRM and tracks conversions and analytics in the EU and US with cookies.
  • Intercom is a customer support platform in the EU and US with cookies.
  • Mailchimp manages emails for marketing in the US without cookies.
  • MongoDB Atlas hosts databases in Ireland without cookies.
  • Retool is used for internal tooling in the US without cookies.
  • Shortcut manages projects in the US without cookies.
  • Slack is used for internal communication in the UK without cookies.
  • Sprout Social manages social media in the US without cookies.
  • Stripe provides payment solutions in the UK, EU, and US with cookies.
  • Superpowered organizes meetings in the US without cookies.
  • Team Tailor and Toggl are recruitment platforms in the EU with their own platforms.
  • Trustpilot collects third-party reviews in the UK, US, and EU without cookies.
  • Typeform conducts surveys in the EU and US without cookies.
  • VWO monitors the path taken through web pages in the EU and US with cookies.
  • Zoom hosts video meetings in the EU without cookies.
  • Various marketing platforms use cookies for advertising, analytics, and community engagement.
  • Ecologi Zero uses several processors for hosting, database management, and project management without cookies.
  • Subscribing to Ecologi's newsletter results in a tree being planted on your behalf.

Things to watch out for

  • Several processors use cookies which could track your online activity.
  • Google, HotJar, Hubspot, Intercom, Stripe, and VWO use cookies for various purposes, which may affect your privacy.
  • Marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok use cookies for marketing and community engagement, which could lead to targeted advertising.

AI recommendations

When using Ecologi's services, be aware of the various information processors and their locations, as this could have implications for data privacy and protection standards. Pay particular attention to the processors that utilize cookies, as they can track and analyze your behavior on the website. If you're concerned about privacy, consider managing your cookie preferences or using privacy-focused browser extensions to limit tracking.

Also, note that by subscribing to Ecologi's newsletter, you're not only staying informed but also contributing to their environmental efforts by having a tree planted on your behalf. This is a unique aspect of Ecologi's engagement with users and reflects their commitment to climate action.


What personal data does Ecologi share with third-party processors?

Ecologi uses various third-party processors for functions like authentication, hosting, analytics, customer support, and payment solutions. Some of these processors use cookies, which may collect data related to your website usage and behavior.

How does Ecologi use cookies, and what are the implications for my privacy?

Cookies are used by Ecologi and its processors for website analytics, performance monitoring, CRM, conversion tracking, and payment solutions. This may have privacy implications as cookies can track and analyze your online activity.

How can I manage or opt-out of cookies used by Ecologi and its processors?

You can manage cookies through your browser settings, where you can choose to block or limit cookies from specific processors. Additionally, you can use privacy-focused browser extensions to control tracking and protect your data.

(Last updated: 18th December, 2023)

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