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  • Ecologi is a UK-based company offering a climate action platform.
  • Services include carbon footprint calculation and funding climate projects.
  • Contacting Ecologi for support can be done via email.
  • Terms exclude any other conditions not agreed in writing by Ecologi.
  • Users must accept the Terms to access the Platform and Services.
  • Users are responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide.
  • Ecologi Zero provides greenhouse gas calculation services.
  • Fees for Services are either one-time or subscription-based.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account passwords.
  • Minimum age for individual users is 16 years old.
  • Business accounts do not have consumer rights under these Terms.
  • Orders are binding and users are responsible for their accuracy.
  • Ecologi can suspend services if user obligations are not met.
  • Ecologi Zero's calculations are estimations and not independently verified.
  • Users bear the risk for accuracy of data provided to Ecologi Zero.
  • Fees may increase, with 30 days' notice for subscribers.
  • Consumer users have 14 days to cancel orders; business users cannot cancel.
  • User content remains the property of the user.
  • Intellectual Property Rights for the Platform and Services belong to Ecologi.
  • Users are not allowed to copy, modify, or distribute the Platform.
  • Ecologi will indemnify users against third-party IP infringement claims.
  • Personal data usage is governed by Ecologi's Privacy Policy.
  • Ecologi disclaims warranties and does not guarantee error-free Services.
  • Liability for indirect or consequential losses is excluded.
  • Confidential information is protected under the Terms.
  • Terms may be amended, with notice provided to users.
  • Ecologi may terminate the agreement immediately under certain conditions.
  • Upon termination, all outstanding fees must be paid by the user.
  • The agreement is governed by English law.

Things to watch out for

  • Users must accept these Terms to use Ecologi's services, which can exclude consumer rights for business accounts.
  • Ecologi Zero's calculations are estimations and not independently verified, and users are responsible for the accuracy of the data they provide.
  • Fees are subject to change, and business users cannot cancel orders or receive refunds.
  • Ecologi can terminate the agreement immediately under certain conditions, such as non-payment or breach of terms.

AI recommendations

Before engaging with Ecologi's services, ensure you understand the nature of the Services, particularly Ecologi Zero, which provides estimated calculations that are not independently verified. It's crucial to provide accurate data to avoid any potential inaccuracies in your carbon footprint assessment. Keep in mind that fees may increase, and you should be prepared for this possibility if you're subscribing to their services. If you're a business user, note that you won't have consumer rights under these Terms, and you cannot cancel orders or receive refunds. Always keep your account details secure, as you are responsible for any activities under your account.


What happens if I provide inaccurate data to Ecologi Zero?

You are responsible for the accuracy of the data you provide, and any errors or inaccuracies in the Outputs that arise as a result of such inaccurate information are your responsibility.

Can I cancel my subscription or order as a business user?

No, if you are a business user, payment obligations are non-cancellable and Ecologi will not be required to refund Fees under any circumstances, except as explicitly set out in the Terms.

Are the calculations provided by Ecologi Zero independently verified?

No, the calculations produced by Ecologi Zero are estimations based on a proprietary methodology and are not independently verified.

(Last updated: 18th December, 2023)

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