Eventbrite Terms of Service

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  • Binding arbitration clause limits your ability to sue Eventbrite in court or join a class action lawsuit.
  • You must be at least 18 years old or have guardian consent to use the services.
  • Eventbrite may terminate your access to their services for violations or misuse.
  • Eventbrite can modify or discontinue their services at any time.
  • Creating an account on Eventbrite is free.
  • Eventbrite charges fees for listing and selling tickets to events.
  • Organizers are responsible for obtaining necessary licenses and complying with laws for their events.
  • Eventbrite is not responsible for third-party websites or resources linked through their services.
  • Eventbrite has the right to use your content and trademarks for their services and promotions.
  • You can transfer tickets, but you must follow Eventbrite's process or contact the organizer.
  • Refund requests must be directed to the event organizer, not Eventbrite.
  • Eventbrite can assign their rights and obligations under the Terms without your consent.
  • Eventbrite's decisions on account disputes are final and binding.
  • Feedback you provide to Eventbrite can be used by them without compensation to you.
  • You must not use the services to collect sensitive personal information unless permitted.
  • Eventbrite may preserve and disclose your content if legally required.
  • Eventbrite may provide you with a sub-domain for your events, which they control.
  • You must not engage in activities that disrupt the services.

Things to watch out for

  • Eventbrite's arbitration clause significantly limits your ability to resolve disputes through traditional legal processes.
  • Eventbrite's fees for listing and selling tickets may vary and could impact the cost of event management.
  • Your content and trademarks can be used by Eventbrite for their promotional activities, potentially without additional consent or compensation.
  • Eventbrite's ability to modify or discontinue services at any time could affect your event planning and ticket sales.


What happens if I have a dispute with Eventbrite?

Disputes with Eventbrite are typically resolved through binding arbitration, not in court, and you cannot participate in a class action lawsuit against them.

Are there any fees I should be aware of when using Eventbrite's services?

Yes, Eventbrite charges fees for listing and selling tickets to events. These fees may be passed on to consumers or absorbed by the organizer.

Can I use Eventbrite to collect sensitive personal information from attendees?

No, unless specifically permitted by the Terms or with written consent from Eventbrite, you should not use the services to collect sensitive personal information.

(Last updated: 04th April, 2024)

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