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  • Meta collects a wide range of personal data, including content you provide and data from the device you use.
  • They track your activities across Meta products and on third-party websites that use their services.
  • You can access and download your information from your account settings.
  • Meta shares information with third parties, including service providers, researchers, and advertisers.
  • They use and develop advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to process your data.
  • Meta provides tools and settings to manage your privacy and sharing preferences.
  • They retain your data for as long as necessary to provide services and for legitimate business interests.
  • Your information may be transferred internationally, including to countries with different data protection laws.
  • Meta complies with legal requests for data based on applicable law and terms of service.
  • They use cookies and similar technologies to collect and use data.
  • Meta publishes transparency reports detailing government requests for user data.
  • The policy includes information on how to deactivate or delete your account.
  • Meta may change the privacy policy and will notify users before changes take effect.
  • You have the right to object to and restrict certain processing of your data.
  • Meta's data policy does not cover third-party services that offer goods or services in Meta products.

Things to watch out for

  • Meta's extensive data collection practices and the potential for sharing your data with third parties.
  • The possibility of international data transfers which may subject your data to different privacy laws.
  • Changes to the privacy policy may occur, and it's important to review notifications of such changes.
  • The use of advanced technologies like AI to process your data, which may have implications for your privacy.

AI recommendations

When using Meta's services, it's crucial to regularly review your privacy settings to ensure they align with your comfort level regarding data sharing. Be mindful of the information you post and share, as it can be collected and used by Meta and potentially shared with third parties. If you're concerned about data usage, consider limiting your use of third-party apps and websites that integrate with Meta services. Additionally, stay informed about any policy updates by checking for notifications from Meta, as these can affect how your data is handled.


What types of personal data does Meta collect?

Meta collects data you provide (e.g., content, messages), data from your device (e.g., location, IP address), and data about your use of their services (e.g., the types of content you engage with).

Can I control how Meta uses my data?

Yes, Meta provides privacy settings and tools that allow you to manage your data and sharing preferences, including ad settings and information access.

Will my data be shared with third parties?

Meta shares information with third parties, such as service providers, advertisers, and researchers, but you have some control over this through your privacy settings.

(Last updated: 20th December, 2023)

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