Facebook Terms of Service

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  • Meta provides a platform to connect with friends and communities without direct charge.
  • Ads are personalized based on your data to fund the service.
  • Meta collects and uses personal data for ad targeting.
  • Your information is not directly sold to advertisers.
  • Advertisers receive reports on ad performance without your direct identification.
  • You have control over privacy settings and ad preferences.
  • Meta has a commitment to safety, security, and integrity.
  • Advanced technologies are used to improve service accessibility and safety.
  • Meta conducts research to improve products and services.
  • Content violating Meta's terms may be removed and accounts may be disabled.
  • You grant Meta a license to use any IP content you share.
  • You can delete your content, but it may remain in backups for a time.
  • Your name and profile picture can be used next to ads without compensation, with controls.
  • Software updates may be automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Meta retains rights to content they provide, even if you add to it.
  • Terms can be updated with a 30-day notice, and continued use implies agreement.
  • Meta can terminate your account for violations of terms and policies.
  • Liability is limited under certain circumstances.
  • Disputes are subject to jurisdiction and governing law stipulations.
  • Supplemental terms may apply for certain services.
  • Feedback and suggestions may be used without compensation or confidentiality.
  • Account information may be transferred to new owners if Meta's ownership changes.

Things to watch out for

  • Meta collects extensive data on users for ad targeting and personalization.
  • Content and accounts can be removed or disabled for terms and policy violations.
  • Meta has a broad license to use any intellectual property content you share on their platforms.
  • Changes to terms can affect your use of the service and your rights.
  • Dispute resolution may be limited to specific jurisdictions and laws.

AI recommendations

When using Meta Products like Facebook, it's important to be mindful of the personal data you share, as it will be used to personalize ads and content. Review your privacy and ad settings to control how your information is used. Be aware of the content you post, as violations of Meta's terms and community standards can lead to content removal or account deactivation. If you're uncomfortable with how your data is used or the terms, consider limiting your use of Meta services or exploring alternative platforms that align more with your privacy preferences.


What happens to my content if I delete my account?

Your content will be deleted from Meta's active systems but may remain in backups for up to 90 days. Some content may persist if it has been shared by others or due to technical limitations.

Can Meta use my personal data for advertising?

Yes, Meta uses your personal data to personalize ads and content. They do not sell your data but use it to target ads based on your activity and interests.

What are my rights regarding the intellectual property content I share on Meta Products?

You retain ownership of your intellectual property, but you grant Meta a broad license to use, distribute, and modify your content across their products and services.

(Last updated: 19th December, 2023)

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