Findaway Voices Terms of Use

Read our summary of Findaway Voices's Terms of Use.


  • Mandatory arbitration clause limits your ability to take disputes to court or join class action lawsuits.
  • Must be 18 years or older to use the service.
  • Service may be modified, suspended, or discontinued at Spotify's discretion.
  • Spotify is not liable for third-party services linked through their platform.
  • You are responsible for keeping your account details confidential.
  • You retain ownership of content you post on the service (but grant Spotify a license to use it).
  • Spotify can remove user content without notice.
  • You grant Spotify a non-exclusive license to use your content.
  • You must comply with Spotify's User Guidelines and Content Policy.
  • Spotify may monitor and remove user content but is not obligated to do so.
  • You are responsible for backing up your own content.
  • Brands must be transparent about endorsements and comply with laws.
  • Service use must comply with export control and sanctions laws.
  • Spotify has a repeat infringer policy that may lead to account termination.
  • Royalties from distributed content may be subject to fees.
  • Spotify can withhold payment if it suspects fraudulent activity.
  • You may terminate your agreement with Spotify at any time.
  • Spotify disclaims all warranties and limits its liability.
  • Claims must be filed within one year of the cause of action.
  • Indemnification clause requires you to cover Spotify's legal costs for your breaches.
  • Terms are governed by the laws of Sweden or New York, depending on your location.

Things to watch out for

  • Spotify's mandatory arbitration clause means you can't join others in a class action lawsuit against them.
  • Spotify can change the terms at any time, with immediate effect upon notification.
  • Spotify can terminate your access to the service for any breach of terms without liability.


What happens to the content I post on Spotify's Findaway Voices?

You retain ownership, but you grant Spotify a non-exclusive license to use, distribute, and display the content.

Can Spotify change the terms of service at any time?

Yes, Spotify can update the terms at any time and will notify users of any changes. The changes are effective immediately upon notification.

What if I have a dispute with Spotify?

Disputes must be resolved through individual arbitration, not in court, unless it involves intellectual property claims or small claims court matters.

(Last updated: 16th February, 2024)

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