FydeOS Privacy Policy

Read our summary of FydeOS's Privacy Policy.


  • Offers the ability to control personal data through the FydeOS Account Dashboard.
  • Provides the right to request the permanent removal of personal data.
  • Collects data necessary to operate and provide services.
  • Uses cookies for service improvement, which can be managed in browser settings.
  • Some services may not be fully functional without providing personal data.
  • Personal data is protected with encryption and security measures.
  • Stores data in the UK or EU under their legal protections.
  • Shares data with third parties only when necessary, such as for payment processing.
  • May share personal data with other companies in the event of a merger or acquisition.
  • Data may be accessed by your organization if using a work or school account.
  • Allows users to manage promotional communication preferences.
  • Collects a comprehensive range of data, including sensitive information.
  • Retains personal data as long as necessary for various legitimate reasons.
  • Notifies users of significant changes to the privacy policy.
  • Offers different product editions for global and UK/EU users.
  • Provides clear instructions on how to contact the company for privacy concerns.

Data Collection

  • Name and contact data (e.g., email, phone number)
  • Credentials (e.g., encrypted passwords)
  • Demographic data (optional, e.g., gender, country)
  • Payment data for transactions
  • Subscription and licensing data
  • Anonymous interactions data (e.g., usage statistics)
  • Device and usage data
  • Content you provide when seeking support
  • Preferences synchronization data (e.g., browser bookmarks)

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious about the comprehensive data collection, which includes sensitive information.
  • Understand that declining to provide personal data may limit your ability to use certain services.
  • Be aware that your data could be shared in the event of a company merger or acquisition.
  • Work or school account users should be aware that their organization may access their data.


How can I manage or delete my personal data from FydeOS?

You can manage or delete your data through the FydeOS Account Dashboard, where you can also modify your privacy settings and control your data consent.

What happens to my data if FydeOS is acquired by another company?

In the event of an acquisition, your personal data may be transferred to the new company, but they are required to respect the privacy commitments made in FydeOS's privacy policy.

Can I use FydeOS services without consenting to cookies or data collection?

You can use essential functions that do not require such information, but some features may not be available without consenting to cookies or providing necessary personal data.

(Last updated: 16th February, 2024)

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