Google Terms of Service (UK)

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  • Google provides a wide range of services with continuous improvements and new features.
  • You need a Google Account to access certain services.
  • Google retains intellectual property rights to their services, limiting how you can use their content.
  • You retain ownership of your content when using Google services.
  • Google may modify, adapt, or translate your content as needed for their services.
  • Google can remove your content or terminate your account if they believe you violate their terms.
  • Google's services may automatically update on your device.
  • Google may collect and use your content for advertising or promoting their services.
  • Google may suspend or terminate your access to services for legal reasons or policy violations.
  • Google provides tools like Google Takeout for exporting your data.
  • Google's terms include a warranty that promises a certain quality of service.
  • Google's liability in legal matters is limited, which may affect your ability to claim compensation.
  • Google may update these terms and will attempt to notify you of significant changes.
  • Google may send you service announcements and other information related to your account and services.
  • If you use Google services on behalf of an organization, the organization's administrator may control your account.
  • If you're a business user, you may have to indemnify Google against certain types of legal claims.

Things to watch out for

  • Google may use your content for promoting their services.
  • Your account and content can be terminated or removed if Google believes you're violating their terms.
  • Google's automatic software updates may change your user experience or service functionality without prior notice.
  • Google's liability in legal disputes is significantly limited.
  • Business users have additional responsibilities and may need to indemnify Google.

AI recommendations

When using Google services, it's important to understand that Google has broad rights to use, modify, and distribute your content within their ecosystem. Always ensure that you have the rights to any content you upload. Be mindful of the automatic updates to services and software, which could change your user experience. If you're using Google services for business, be aware of the indemnity clause and understand that your organization may have control over your account. Lastly, keep an eye on any announcements from Google regarding changes to their terms, as these can affect how you use their services.


Do I retain ownership of my content when I use Google services?

Yes, you retain ownership of your content, but you grant Google a license to use, host, distribute, modify, and publicly display your content as necessary for operating their services.

Can Google terminate my access to their services?

Yes, Google can suspend or terminate your access to their services or delete your Google Account if you materially breach their terms or for other legal reasons.

Will I be notified of changes to Google's Terms of Service?

Google will attempt to provide reasonable advance notice for material changes to their terms, except in urgent situations. However, it's your responsibility to review changes and decide if you will continue using their services.

(Last updated: 16th December, 2023)

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