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  • GOV.UK collects data to improve services and user experience.
  • Uses cookies to understand site usage and improve government services.
  • Your data may be shared with other government departments and technology suppliers.
  • Personal data is anonymized in analytics to prevent direct identification.
  • Data collected by Google Analytics and SpeedCurve RUM may be transferred outside the EEA for processing.
  • You can change your cookie settings at any time.
  • You have the right to request a copy of your personal data and to have inaccuracies corrected.
  • Personal data is retained as long as necessary or as required by law.
  • Services are not targeted at children under 13, and data about them is not intentionally collected.
  • There are measures in place to keep your data secure, including encryption and secure processes.

Things to watch out for

  • Be aware that your data may be shared with other government departments and technology suppliers.
  • Understand that while your data is anonymized, it may still be used for analysis and service improvement.
  • Remember that data retention periods vary, and some data may be kept indefinitely as required by law.

AI recommendations

When using GOV.UK, it's important to be aware of their data collection practices and your rights regarding your personal data. If privacy is a concern for you, regularly review and adjust your cookie settings to control the amount of data you're sharing. Additionally, make use of your rights to access and correct your data as needed. Always be cautious about the information you provide on government websites and ensure you understand how it might be used or shared.


What personal data does GOV.UK collect from me?

GOV.UK collects data such as feedback, email addresses, IP addresses, browser details, and usage data through cookies and page tagging techniques.

Can I control the personal data that GOV.UK collects?

Yes, you can change your cookie settings at any time and exercise your rights to request information about data processing, access your data, or have inaccuracies corrected.

Is my personal data shared with anyone else?

Your data may be shared with other government departments, agencies, public bodies, and technology suppliers, and in certain circumstances, if required by law.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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