Honda Vehicle Data Privacy Notice

Read our summary of Honda's Vehicle Data Privacy Notice.


  • Honda provides clear notices about data collection and use.
  • Offers choices regarding data collection and use.
  • Uses data in ways consistent with the context it was collected.
  • Commits to data minimization and retention only for legitimate business purposes.
  • Implements measures to protect data against unauthorized access.
  • Allows for review and correction of personal subscription information.
  • Takes steps to ensure adherence to privacy principles by itself and recipients of data.
  • Collects a wide range of vehicle and personal data for various purposes.
  • May disclose data to third parties for marketing and other purposes.
  • Disclosures to third parties may be considered a sale under some privacy laws.
  • Monitors and records communications with customer service and through in-vehicle technologies.
  • May share precise geolocation information with third parties under certain conditions.
  • Anonymized data may be used or disclosed without limitation.
  • Data may be processed internationally, where different privacy laws may apply.
  • On-Board Data may be accessed by third parties with physical access to the vehicle.

Data Collection

  • Identifiers (name, login credentials, device ID, contact information)
  • Audio/visual information (call recordings, communication logs)
  • Commercial information (VIN, vehicle operation and performance data)
  • Driver behavior information (speed, acceleration, etc.)
  • Precise and non-precise geolocation information

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious of the broad range of data collected, which may include sensitive personal information.
  • Understand that data may be shared with third parties, potentially as a sale under privacy laws.
  • Be aware that communications may be monitored and recorded.
  • Know that precise geolocation information could be shared with third parties in certain scenarios.


What types of data does Honda collect from my vehicle?

Honda collects a variety of data including personal identifiers, vehicle operation and performance data, driver behavior information, and precise geolocation information.

Can Honda share my vehicle data with third parties?

Yes, Honda may share your data with third parties for services that benefit vehicle owners or for their own business purposes, which may be considered a sale under certain privacy laws.

How can I control the collection and use of my data by Honda?

You have opt-in and opt-out choices for certain data collections, and you can deactivate some connected vehicle technologies and services to stop data collection.

(Last updated: 03rd January, 2024)

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