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  • You can use Indeed's services to search for jobs, post resumes, and apply for positions.
  • Employers can use Indeed to post job listings, search for candidates, and manage hiring events.
  • Indeed may update terms, policies, or services at any time without liability.
  • Indeed is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of user-generated content like job listings or resumes.
  • Indeed may share your personal information with third parties for services like payment processing or legal compliance.
  • Indeed may use automated systems for content moderation and to improve services.
  • Indeed disclaims all liability for any technical issues or data loss related to the use of their services.
  • Indeed may terminate your account or services at any time for any reason.
  • You are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws when using Indeed.
  • Indeed may collect and use data from your interactions with the site for various purposes, including service improvement.

Things to watch out for

  • Indeed may terminate services or your account without prior notice.
  • Personal information may be shared with third parties for business purposes.
  • Content accuracy is not guaranteed, and Indeed is not liable for user-generated content.
  • Technical issues may arise, and Indeed disclaims liability for any resulting damages.
  • Compliance with laws when using Indeed is your responsibility.

AI recommendations

When using Indeed, it's important to maintain a critical perspective on the content you encounter. Remember that job listings and resumes are user-generated and may not always be accurate. Be cautious when sharing personal information and ensure you understand Indeed's privacy practices. If you're an employer, make sure to comply with all relevant laws and regulations in your hiring process. As a job seeker, keep your resume updated and be aware that Indeed may use your data to improve their services or for marketing purposes.


What should I do if I find inaccurate information in a job listing or resume?

Report any inaccuracies to Indeed through their Help Centre or contact support for assistance.

How can I protect my personal information while using Indeed?

Review Indeed's Privacy Policy and adjust your account settings to control how your information is shared and used.

Can I opt out of Indeed's data collection and use for service improvement?

You may have limited options to opt out of certain data collection practices. Review the Privacy Centre for more details and to adjust your preferences.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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