Indie Hackers Terms of Service

Read our summary of Indie Hackers's Terms of Service.


  • By using Indie Hackers' Services, you agree to these Terms of Use.
  • Indie Hackers can change the Terms at any time and will notify you of changes.
  • If you disagree with new Terms, you must stop using the Services.
  • Indie Hackers has a Privacy Policy that explains data handling.
  • Children under 13 cannot use the Services.
  • You may need to create an account with accurate information.
  • Services are for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise authorized.
  • You're responsible for the security of your account and any activity on it.
  • Content you provide must not infringe on rights or laws.
  • Indie Hackers can terminate your access for violating these Terms.
  • You retain ownership of content you post but grant Indie Hackers certain rights to use it.
  • Indie Hackers provides a process for copyright complaints under the DMCA.
  • Indie Hackers is not liable for content accessed through the Services.
  • Indie Hackers is not responsible for third-party links or services.
  • You are responsible for your interactions with third parties through the Services.
  • Indie Hackers may change or discontinue parts of the Services.
  • The basic tier of Indie Hackers is currently free, but this may change.
  • You can terminate your account at any time.
  • Terminating your account results in deletion of your associated content.
  • Additional terms apply if you use Indie Hackers via an Apple device.
  • No warranties are provided for the Services or content.
  • Indie Hackers' liability is limited in case of damages.
  • You agree to indemnify Indie Hackers against third-party claims related to your use of the Services.
  • Disputes will be settled by arbitration in King County, Washington.

Things to watch out for

  • Indie Hackers can change the Terms at any time, and continued use after changes implies acceptance.
  • Content you post grants Indie Hackers rights to use, and you cannot retrieve it after account deletion.
  • Indie Hackers is not responsible for third-party links or services and any resulting damages.
  • Indie Hackers may introduce fees for Services that are currently free.

AI recommendations

Before engaging with Indie Hackers, consider the implications of the broad rights you grant to the platform regarding your content. It's important to be cautious about the personal information you share, as account security is your responsibility. If you're concerned about potential changes to the Terms or the introduction of fees for currently free services, keep an eye on any communications from Indie Hackers for updates. Remember, if you decide to terminate your account, you will lose access to all content associated with it.


What happens to my content if I delete my Indie Hackers account?

Upon account deletion, Indie Hackers will automatically delete your profile and content. However, it may not be possible to completely remove that content from Indie Hackers' records, and it may remain viewable elsewhere if copied or stored by other users.

Is there a cost associated with using Indie Hackers?

The basic tier of Indie Hackers is currently free, but Indie Hackers reserves the right to charge for certain or all services in the future. You will be notified before any fees are applied.

Can Indie Hackers change the Terms of Use after I've already joined?

Yes, Indie Hackers can change the Terms at any time. They will notify you of changes, and if you continue to use the Services after changes are made, it means you agree to the new Terms.

(Last updated: 23rd December, 2023)

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