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  • Local taxes apply only to orders with a billing address in Switzerland.
  • Customers are responsible for any local or other taxes, including customs, for orders outside Switzerland.
  • Payments can be made via credit card or bank transfer, with secure SSL 128-bit encryption.
  • Invoices are emailed in PDF format and can be downloaded from your account.
  • Shipping options vary by location, with standard and express delivery available.
  • Electronic documents are non-returnable; physical items may be returnable on a case-by-case basis.
  • ISO publications are watermarked to identify the rightful licensee.
  • ISO publications come with a single-user license and cannot be shared or posted on a company intranet without permission.
  • ISO may terminate the license if you fail to comply with the agreement terms.
  • Disputes are governed by Swiss law and resolved through arbitration in Geneva.

Things to watch out for

  • Electronic documents are non-refundable, so ensure you're purchasing the correct item.
  • Single-user license restricts document sharing; additional licenses or permissions may be required for broader use.
  • ISO can terminate your license for non-compliance, which includes unauthorized sharing or use of publications.

AI recommendations

Before purchasing from the ISO store, it's crucial to understand the limitations of the single-user license, especially if you intend to use the publications within a team or company setting. For broader access, you may need to contact ISO or your local ISO member to discuss additional licensing options. Also, be aware of the non-return policy for electronic documents to avoid purchasing errors.


Can I share an ISO publication with my colleagues?

No, ISO publications come with a single-user license. Sharing or posting on an intranet requires additional permissions or licenses.

What happens if I purchase an electronic ISO document by mistake?

Electronic documents are non-refundable, so it's important to double-check your order before purchasing.

How are disputes regarding the license agreement handled?

Disputes are governed by Swiss law and will be resolved through arbitration in Geneva, Switzerland, in English only.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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