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  • The site owner, Tymoteusz Jóźwiak, offers non-commercial services and can be contacted for inquiries.
  • Personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR for site analytics, newsletter subscriptions, and comment systems.
  • The administrator may share user data with legal authorities if required by law without user consent.
  • Users can withdraw consent for data processing at any time by contacting the administrator.
  • Cookies are used for maintaining user sessions and storing Mastodon server selections for ShareToMastodon service.
  • Comments are moderated, and the administrator has the right to reject comments that do not comply with the guidelines.
  • Users have rights under GDPR, including data access, rectification, and deletion.
  • Newsletter emails may contain commercial information, for which explicit consent is required.
  • The administrator is not responsible for user-generated content in comments.
  • Copyrights of the site content are owned by the administrator, and user comments are owned by their respective authors.

Things to watch out for

  • Your personal data may be shared with legal authorities if they properly invoke applicable Polish law.
  • Comments that do not follow the site's guidelines can be rejected without publication.
  • Consent for data processing can be withdrawn, but this does not affect the lawfulness of processing before the withdrawal.

AI recommendations

When interacting with Tymoteusz Jóźwiak's site and services, it's important to understand that your data will be used responsibly and in accordance with GDPR. However, be mindful that your data could be shared with legal authorities if required. If you're concerned about privacy, regularly review your consent and exercise your GDPR rights as needed. For newsletter subscriptions, ensure you are comfortable with the potential for receiving commercial information before consenting.


How can I control the personal data I've provided to the site?

You can contact the administrator at any time to access, rectify, or delete your data, or to withdraw consent for processing.

What happens to my comments if they do not adhere to the site's guidelines?

Comments that do not comply with the guidelines will be moderated and may be rejected without being published on the site.

Are there any circumstances where my data can be shared without my consent?

Yes, your data may be shared with legal authorities if they invoke applicable Polish law and it is deemed necessary and legal to do so.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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