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  • You must accept all terms to use the site, including changes to the terms without prior notice.
  • The website may modify or discontinue services without notice and is not liable for any disruption this may cause.
  • Information on the site may not be accurate, complete, or current and is for general information only.
  • Prices for products can change without notice, and Neversleep Clothing is not liable for any inaccuracies.
  • Products or services may be available exclusively online, with limited quantities and subject to return or exchange per the Refund Policy.
  • You must provide accurate, complete, and current purchase and account information for all transactions at the store.
  • Neversleep Clothing reserves the right to refuse service or cancel orders at their discretion.
  • Third-party tools offered on the site are used at your own risk and are "as is" without warranties.
  • User comments or submissions can be used by Neversleep Clothing without restriction or compensation.
  • Personal information submitted through the store is governed by the Privacy Policy.

Things to watch out for

  • Neversleep Clothing can terminate your service for any breach of terms without notice.
  • Any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions on the site can be corrected without prior notice, which could affect your orders.
  • Comments or materials you provide can be used by Neversleep Clothing without compensation or obligation to maintain confidentiality.

AI recommendations

Before engaging with Neversleep Clothing's website or making a purchase, it's important to understand that terms can change at any time, and you're agreeing to the new terms by continuing to use the site. Make sure to review the Refund Policy for specifics on returns and exchanges, as this could affect your purchasing decisions. Keep an eye on the accuracy of the information you provide, as it's crucial for order fulfillment and potential contact. Lastly, be cautious with third-party tools and understand that you're using them at your own risk.


What happens if Neversleep Clothing changes its Terms of Service after I've made a purchase?

If Neversleep Clothing changes its Terms of Service, it applies to all users, including past purchases. It's your responsibility to stay informed of any changes as they may affect your rights and obligations.

Can I return a product if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, you can return products according to the Refund Policy, but note that there may be limitations on quantities and conditions for returns or exchanges.

Is my personal information safe with Neversleep Clothing?

Neversleep Clothing's use of your personal information is governed by their Privacy Policy, which outlines how your data is handled and protected.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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