OpenAI Terms of Use (UK, EEA, Switzerland)

Read our summary of OpenAI's Terms of Use (UK, EEA, Switzerland).


  • Services provided are for personal, non-commercial use with reasonable skill and care.
  • You form a contract by confirming acceptance of these Terms or using the Services.
  • Additional service-specific terms may apply depending on the Services used.
  • You may not use the Services for illegal, harmful, or abusive activities.
  • Prohibited from reverse engineering or extracting data from the Services.
  • You retain ownership of your input and the output generated from the Services.
  • Output from the Services may not be unique and could be similar to that received by others.
  • Option to opt out of using your Content to train models.
  • Output may not always be accurate and should not be solely relied upon.
  • OpenAI owns all rights to the Services and their intellectual property.
  • Paid subscriptions offer enhanced features and functionalities.
  • Automatic renewal of paid subscriptions unless cancelled.
  • Cooling Off Period allows for cancellation and refund within 14 days of purchase.
  • Prices for Services may change, but notice will be provided in advance.
  • OpenAI may suspend or terminate your access to Services if terms are breached.
  • You can close your account and end your relationship with OpenAI at any time.
  • Trade controls and laws must be complied with when using the Services.
  • EEA consumers have additional legal guarantees and dispute resolution options.
  • Business users face limitations on liability and indemnity obligations.

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious of automatic renewals for paid subscriptions and ensure you cancel if you no longer need the service.
  • Remember that the output from the Services may not be accurate and should be reviewed before use, especially for critical decisions.
  • Be aware that your account and content may be controlled by your organization if you use a corporate domain email.
  • Understand that by providing feedback, you allow OpenAI to use it without compensation to you.

AI recommendations

Before using OpenAI's services, it's crucial to understand that the output provided by AI models like ChatGPT or DALL·E may not be accurate or unique. Always verify the information, especially if it will be used for significant decisions. If you're considering a paid subscription, review the benefits and keep track of the subscription renewal dates to avoid unwanted charges. Lastly, if you're using the services for business purposes, pay close attention to the indemnity clause and limitations of liability.


What happens if I don't agree with future changes to the Terms of Use?

If you disagree with changes to the Terms, you have the right to stop using the Services and close your account before the changes take effect.

Can I get a refund for a paid subscription if I'm not satisfied?

You can cancel your purchase and request a refund within the 14-day Cooling Off Period. After this period, you can still cancel but may not receive a refund.

What should I do if I believe my account was terminated in error?

If you think your account was wrongly terminated, you can appeal by contacting OpenAI's support team.

(Last updated: 20th December, 2023)

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