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  • OpenRouter provides an AI model aggregator service with APIs and chat interfaces.
  • The service is in beta and may change or discontinue parts at any time.
  • Notifications about model removals will be posted in the OpenRouter community Discord server.
  • There's a grace period of at least 2 weeks before a model is fully removed after notification.
  • Users under 13 are prohibited from using OpenRouter.
  • Minors may be exposed to content not suitable for them.
  • Legal guardians must consent to the terms for users who are not of majority age.
  • Reverse engineering or attempting to discover source code is prohibited.
  • Abusing or disrupting the service or its technologies is not allowed.
  • Extracting data from OpenRouter other than as permitted is forbidden.
  • OpenRouter-Generated Content must not be represented as human-generated.
  • Developers and users can pay for model usage, with pricing varying by model.
  • Credits purchased for models are non-refundable and may expire after 12 months.
  • Stripe and Coinbase are used for payment processing, with associated fees.
  • Chargebacks related to fraud result in loss of credits and an additional fee.
  • Businesses can request invoices for payments with an additional fee.
  • Pricing may change, with notice provided on the website or services.
  • No intellectual property rights in the Services are transferred to users.
  • Users retain ownership of their uploaded content and model-generated content.
  • Disputes must be resolved by binding arbitration in New York.
  • The privacy policy explains data collection and is part of these terms.
  • OpenRouter is not liable for damages related to the use of its services.
  • Terms of Service can be modified at any time without notice.
  • OpenRouter can terminate your use of the Services for any reason.
  • Upon termination, certain rights and obligations will survive.

Things to watch out for

  • Service changes or discontinuations can occur at any time since OpenRouter is in beta.
  • Credits for model usage are non-refundable and may expire after 12 months.
  • Disputes are resolved by binding arbitration, not in court.
  • OpenRouter's lack of liability for damages could leave you without recourse for issues.

AI recommendations

When using OpenRouter, it's important to be aware of the beta status of the service, which means that features and models can change or be discontinued without much notice. If you're purchasing credits, remember that they are non-refundable and may expire, so plan your usage accordingly. Also, keep in mind that any disputes will be resolved through arbitration in New York, which might limit your legal options if problems arise. Lastly, always ensure that your use of the service complies with the terms to avoid termination of your access.


What happens if OpenRouter discontinues a model I rely on?

You will receive a notification on the Discord server and have a grace period of at least 2 weeks where requests will be rerouted to a similar model before the model is fully removed and starts returning a 404 error.

Are there any age restrictions for using OpenRouter?

Yes, the use of OpenRouter is prohibited for anyone under the age of 13. Users who are not of legal majority age must have consent from a parent or legal guardian who agrees to the terms on their behalf.

Can I get a refund for unused credits if I decide to stop using OpenRouter?

No, credits are non-refundable and may expire 12 months after purchase, so it's important to use them within that timeframe.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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