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  • Pinterest provides a personalized experience based on user activity and preferences.
  • Pinterest collects a wide range of information, including account details, content interactions, and technical data.
  • Pinterest may share your information with third parties, such as advertisers and partners.
  • Users in the EEA, Switzerland, and UK have additional data protections under GDPR.
  • Pinterest uses cookies and similar technologies to collect data and improve user experience.
  • Pinterest's policy allows for the use of your data for targeted advertising.
  • Users can control their privacy and data settings, including opting out of targeted advertising.
  • Pinterest's policy includes provisions for data retention and deletion.
  • Pinterest may transfer user data internationally, including to countries with different privacy protections.
  • Users have rights to access, correct, and delete their personal information.
  • Pinterest's policy is subject to change, and users will be notified of significant updates.
  • Pinterest may use information to recommend content and ads based on offsite behavior.
  • Pinterest employs safeguards for international data transfers, such as standard contractual clauses.
  • Pinterest supports device settings for ad tracking and personalization.
  • Pinterest may disclose user information to law enforcement or government agencies when required by law.
  • Pinterest's policy outlines legal bases for processing data for users in the EEA, Switzerland, and UK.

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious about the amount of personal information you share, as it can be used for targeted advertising.
  • Understand that your data may be shared with third parties and used for marketing purposes.
  • Be aware that your data may be transferred internationally, which could affect your privacy rights.
  • Regularly review your privacy and data settings to ensure they align with your preferences.

AI recommendations

When using Pinterest, it's important to regularly check and adjust your privacy and data settings to maintain control over your personal information. Be mindful of the information you provide, as it can be used to personalize content and ads, and may be shared with third parties for advertising purposes. If you're in the EEA, Switzerland, or the UK, take advantage of the additional protections under GDPR, such as the right to object to certain data processing activities. Lastly, stay informed about any policy changes that may affect your data rights or the way Pinterest uses your information.


How can I control the use of my data for targeted advertising on Pinterest?

You can opt out of targeted advertising by adjusting your Privacy and Data Settings on Pinterest. This will not stop ads from appearing but will prevent them from being personalized based on your offsite data.

What should I do if I want to delete my data from Pinterest?

You can request the deletion of your data through your account settings by selecting "Delete your data and account" and following the instructions provided.

How does Pinterest use my information to show me content and ads?

Pinterest uses the information collected from your activity on and off the service, as well as data from partners, to personalize content and ads based on your interests and preferences.

(Last updated: 18th December, 2023)

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