Plausible Analytics Terms of Service

Read our summary of Plausible Analytics's Terms of Service.


  • Plausible Analytics is open-source and can be self-hosted.
  • Terms apply only to Plausible Analytics Cloud, not self-hosted versions.
  • Terms may be updated, with significant changes announced on their blog.
  • Violation of terms may result in account termination.
  • You must provide your legal full name and a valid email to sign up.
  • Accounts must be registered by humans, not bots or automated methods.
  • No credit card required for free trial; no data selling during this period.
  • Unpaid accounts post-trial are frozen and eventually auto-cancelled.
  • Billing starts immediately upon upgrading from free trial to paid plan.
  • Automatic billing via credit card or PayPal for paid customers.
  • Unused pageviews in paid plans are forfeited at the end of the term.
  • No extra charges for occasional traffic spikes.
  • Service upgrade/downgrade available at any time with potential feature loss.
  • Payments processed by Paddle, inclusive of all taxes and duties.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Account cancellation must be done through provided instructions.
  • Stats become inaccessible post-cancellation and are permanently deleted after 60 days.
  • Right to suspend or terminate accounts for any reason at any time.
  • Service modifications or price changes may occur with or without notice.
  • Existing customers may be exempt from price changes or may be given 30 days' notice.
  • Content submitted to the service remains your property.
  • Feedback provided to Plausible may be used without payment or attribution to you.
  • Trademark and copyright restrictions on service material and branding.
  • Comprehensive measures to protect and secure user data.
  • Plausible Analytics does not sell or share site data with third parties.
  • You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including privacy regulations.
  • The service is provided "as is" without any guarantees on performance.
  • Technical support is provided via email without guaranteed response time.
  • Third-party vendors are used for necessary technology and services.
  • Plausible Analytics' liability is limited as per the terms.

Things to watch out for

  • Be aware that if you violate the terms, your account can be terminated.
  • Remember that fees are non-refundable, so be sure before making any payments.
  • Understand that unused pageviews in paid plans are forfeited and not rolled over.
  • Content and branding cannot be used without explicit permission, which may affect how you present your association with Plausible Analytics.


What happens if I don't pay after the free trial?

Your account will be frozen and eventually auto-cancelled if it remains unpaid for 60 days.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service?

No, all fees paid to Plausible Analytics are non-refundable.

What happens to my data if I cancel my account?

Your stats will be inaccessible after your paid period ends and permanently deleted from backups after 60 days.

Data Collection

  • Visitor information for website stats
  • Legal full name
  • Valid email address

(Last updated: 08th January, 2024)

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