Printful Terms of Service

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  • Agreeing to the terms requires arbitration for disputes, waiving the right to a jury trial or class action (Section 18).
  • Printful can modify terms, services, and fees at any time without affecting existing confirmed orders (Section 2).
  • Users in the European Economic Area or the UK have additional rights regarding product conformity and order cancellations (Section 7).
  • Printful is not liable for content uploaded by users and requires users to have rights to any content they use (Section 3).
  • Printful may refuse service, terminate accounts, or limit access at their discretion (Section 8).
  • Users are responsible for any unauthorized use of their account (Section 1).
  • Printful may use user content to promote their services (Section 3).
  • Printful is not responsible for any third-party links or services (Section 5).
  • Printful's warranty on products is limited and does not cover certain damages or product issues (Section 6).
  • Printful may substitute products with alternatives if the original product is out of stock (Section 12).
  • Users are responsible for paying all applicable taxes unless Printful states otherwise (Section 10).
  • Printful may donate damaged items to charity without user consent (Section 12).
  • Users must bear the direct cost of returning goods unless Printful provides a prepaid return label (Section 7).
  • Users are responsible for providing accurate shipping and contact information (Section 13).
  • Printful is not liable for delivery issues once the product is handed over to the carrier (Section 11).
  • Risk of loss or damage to products passes to the user upon delivery to the carrier (Section 11).
  • Printful offers a 30-day window to report lost shipments for possible replacement or credit (Section 11).

Things to watch out for

  • Arbitration is mandatory for disputes, preventing you from joining class actions or having a jury trial (Section 18).
  • Printful can change terms and fees at any time, which could affect future orders (Section 2).
  • Printful is not liable for content uploaded by users, which could lead to legal issues if you don't have proper rights (Section 3).
  • Printful's limited warranty may not cover all issues with products, limiting your recourse for defects (Section 6).


What happens if there's a problem with a product I receive from Printful?

You may be eligible for a replacement or refund under Printful's Limited Warranty, but you must report the issue within 30 days of delivery (Section 6).

Can I cancel or edit an order after placing it?

Once an order is confirmed, it may not be possible to edit or cancel it. You should verify all details before confirming your order (Section 11).

Am I responsible for paying taxes on products I order from Printful?

Yes, you are responsible for all applicable taxes unless Printful states that they will collect and pay those taxes on your behalf (Section 10).

Data Collection

  • Name and Surname
  • Email Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Information

(Last updated: 20th January, 2024)

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