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  • Proton prioritizes user privacy and collects minimal personal data.
  • Proton uses anonymized analytics for its websites.
  • Account creation does not require personal information, but an external email can be provided for recovery purposes.
  • Proton does not have the means to access the content of your encrypted data.
  • Human verification methods are used to prevent spam account creation.
  • IP addresses may be temporarily saved for anti-spam purposes or permanently if terms are violated.
  • Proton offers a referral program that can benefit existing users.
  • Communication with Proton may be saved for quality and support purposes.
  • Payment information is shared with third parties for processing but is minimally retained by Proton.
  • Native applications may collect anonymous statistics for crash reporting and analytics.
  • Social media interactions are public and not covered by Proton's privacy policy.
  • Proton's website may contain links to other websites not covered by this privacy policy.
  • Alternative routing may expose your IP to third-parties but not the content of your data.
  • Proton uses various subprocessors for different services, including customer support and payment processing.
  • Legal requests by Swiss authorities can lead to disclosure of limited user data.
  • Users have rights to access, edit, delete, or export their personal data.
  • Proton's privacy policy is subject to change, and continued use of services implies consent to changes.

Things to watch out for

  • Be aware that Proton may retain IP addresses for anti-abuse purposes or if you breach their terms and conditions.
  • Understand that Proton may disclose your data if legally required by Swiss authorities.
  • Remember that any data shared on social media platforms is not protected by Proton's privacy policy.

AI recommendations

When using Proton services, it's reassuring to know that they take privacy seriously and collect minimal personal data. However, you should be cautious about the information you share on social media, as it falls outside Proton's privacy protections. If privacy is a top priority for you, Proton's strong stance on data encryption and minimal data collection is a significant advantage. Just keep in mind that Proton may still disclose limited user data to Swiss authorities if legally obligated. Always review the privacy policy periodically for any changes that may affect you.


What personal data does Proton collect when I use their services?

Proton collects minimal personal data, such as an external email address for account recovery and notifications. They do not have access to the content of your encrypted data.

Can Proton access the content of my encrypted emails and files?

No, Proton does not have the technical means to access the content of your encrypted emails, files, calendar events, passwords, or notes.

Will Proton share my personal data with anyone?

Proton may share your payment information with third-party processors and disclose limited user data if legally required by Swiss authorities. They do not share encrypted content.

(Last updated: 24th December, 2023)

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