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  • Reddit collects minimal information by default, enhancing privacy.
  • You can browse Reddit without an account, but participation requires one.
  • Optional information can be provided to enhance user experience.
  • Usernames are public and do not have to be your real name.
  • Content you submit to public areas of the site is visible to everyone.
  • Transactional information is collected when purchasing services like Reddit Premium.
  • Reddit uses cookies and similar technologies for functionality and personalization.
  • Location information may be inferred from your IP address.
  • You can control how Reddit personalizes services and ads in your account settings.
  • Reddit shares information with third parties for advertising and analytics.
  • Reddit may share information to comply with law or to protect its rights.
  • Reddit takes measures to protect your data from unauthorized access.
  • You can access and change your information or delete your account.
  • Reddit stores information as long as necessary for its services.
  • Children under 13 cannot use Reddit, aligning with COPPA regulations.
  • Reddit's policy changes will apply upon posting, affecting your continued use.

Things to watch out for

  • Content shared in public areas of Reddit is permanently visible to everyone, even if your account is deleted.
  • Reddit may share your information with third-party services and advertisers, which could impact your privacy.
  • Reddit's use of cookies and similar technologies means your browsing habits can be tracked for personalization and ads.
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy are effective immediately, and continued use of the service constitutes agreement to the new terms.

AI recommendations

When using Reddit, it's important to be mindful of the public nature of your contributions. Anything you post in public areas can be seen by others and may remain online even after your account is deleted. Be cautious with the personal information you choose to share.

Take advantage of Reddit's privacy settings to control how your data is used for personalization and advertising. If you're concerned about privacy, consider opting out of targeted advertising and reviewing your cookie settings.


How can I control the personal information Reddit has about me?

You can access, update, or delete your personal information through Reddit's account settings. You can also adjust your privacy and advertising preferences to limit how your data is used.

What happens to my content if I delete my Reddit account?

Your profile will no longer be visible, but posts, comments, and messages submitted before deleting your account will still be accessible to others unless you delete the specific content first.

Does Reddit sell my personal information?

Reddit does not sell personal information. However, they share information with third parties for advertising and analytics, which may include personal information.

(Last updated: 21st December, 2023)

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