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  • Redis Cloud is PCI DSS certified, indicating a secure handling of credit card data.
  • The Cloud SLA outlines service level agreements specific to Redis Cloud users.
  • The Cloud Terms of Service may contain clauses that limit Redis's liability and outline user responsibilities.
  • The Data Processing Addendum (DPA) applies to Redis Cloud, detailing data processing terms.
  • The Privacy Policy explains how Redis handles personal data from its website and products.
  • The RedisInsight License Terms apply to Redis Enterprise Software users, detailing usage rights.
  • The Redis Source Available License (RSAL) applies to Redis modules, with two versions available for review.
  • The Website Terms of Use may impose certain restrictions on how you can use the Redis website and products.
  • Trademark Guidelines will be important if you plan to use Redis's trademarks or logos.
  • The Contributor License Agreement is relevant if you contribute software to Redis.

Things to watch out for

  • Review the Cloud Terms of Service carefully for any limitations on liability and user obligations that could affect your use of the service.
  • Understand the Privacy Policy to know how your personal data may be used and protected.
  • Check the Website Terms of Use for restrictions that could impact how you interact with Redis's website and products.

AI recommendations

Before engaging with Redis services or contributing to their software, it's crucial to understand the terms that govern your interactions. Pay particular attention to the Cloud Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to ensure you're comfortable with the data handling and service use practices. If you're planning to use Redis Cloud, familiarize yourself with the Cloud SLA to know what uptime and support you can expect. For contributors, the Contributor License Agreement will be key to understanding your rights. Always keep an eye on any updates to these documents, as terms may change over time.


What are the main implications of Redis's Privacy Policy for users?

The Privacy Policy outlines how Redis collects, uses, and protects your personal information, as well as your rights regarding your data when using Redis's website and products.

How does the Cloud SLA affect my use of Redis Cloud services?

The Cloud SLA details the performance standards you can expect from Redis Cloud, including uptime commitments and support levels, which are crucial for service reliability.

What should I know about the Redis Source Available License (RSAL)?

The RSAL governs the use of Redis modules and includes terms that may restrict how you can use the software compared to traditional open-source licenses.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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