CS.RIN.RU Forum Rules

Read our summary of CS.RIN.RU's Forum Rules.


  • You must agree to the forum rules to use the forum; non-compliance may lead to account penalties.
  • The forum is focused on Valve's Steam platform and related content.
  • English and Russian are the primary languages used on the forum.
  • Requesting to be a moderator or joining special usergroups requires active and dedicated forum participation.
  • The forum aims to keep the platform free from malicious content.
  • Account deletion may occur for inactive or rule-violating users.
  • Warnings for rule violations can lead to a permanent ban.
  • Staff decisions are final; arguing with staff can lead to penalties.
  • Respectful and constructive behavior is encouraged among forum members.
  • Flaming, discrimination, and controversial topics are not tolerated.
  • Revealing personal information without consent is prohibited.
  • Private messaging should be used only for necessary private conversations.
  • Spamming the forum with low-effort or promotional posts is not allowed.
  • Private messaging is subject to most forum rules.
  • Profile advertising is permitted within specified limits.
  • Warez, trading of game accounts, and leaks without permission are prohibited.
  • Double posting is discouraged and should be avoided.
  • Attachments are for sharing files with forum members and have specific rules.
  • Monetizing link redirectors and for-profit uploading are not allowed.
  • Creating threads requires adherence to specific guidelines.
  • Each forum section has its own purpose and rules.

Things to watch out for

  • Non-compliance with forum rules can lead to account penalties, including permanent bans.
  • Flaming, discrimination, and controversial topics are strictly prohibited and can result in immediate action against your account.
  • Posting warez or engaging in trading game accounts or CD keys is not allowed and could lead to severe consequences.
  • Personal privacy must be respected; sharing another user's private information without consent is forbidden.
  • Monetizing link redirectors and for-profit uploading activities are prohibited and could result in a ban.

AI recommendations

When participating in the CS.RIN.RU forum, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and follow them closely to avoid any potential account penalties. Be respectful and constructive in your interactions, and ensure that you do not engage in prohibited activities such as sharing warez, trading game accounts, or posting malicious content. Utilize private messaging responsibly and only for necessary private conversations. If you're unsure about the appropriateness of your post or thread, it's better to ask a moderator before proceeding.


What happens if I violate the forum rules?

Violating the rules can result in editing or removal of your posts, warnings, or even a permanent ban depending on the severity of the violation.

Can I share or request warez on the forum?

No, sharing or requesting warez is strictly prohibited and can lead to severe penalties, including bans.

Am I allowed to advertise in my forum profile?

Yes, advertising is permitted within your profile, including your avatar and signature, as long as it adheres to the size and content restrictions set by the forum.

(Last updated: 24th January, 2024)

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