Roblox Terms of Use

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  • If you are a U.S. user, you waive the right to bring an action in court and are bound by individual arbitration and class action waiver.
  • Roblox may change terms at any time, with changes taking immediate effect for non-material updates.
  • Users must be of legal age or have guardian consent to agree to the terms.
  • Roblox may suspend or terminate accounts for violations of terms.
  • Robux, the virtual currency, cannot be redeemed for real money except as part of the Developer Exchange Program.
  • Purchases of Robux are final and non-refundable.
  • Roblox retains the right to modify or revoke licenses to use Robux at any time.
  • Creators retain rights to their user-generated content (UGC), but grant Roblox extensive licenses to use it.
  • Roblox has the right to remove or modify UGC at its discretion.
  • Creators can earn Robux from their creations but must adhere to specific terms.
  • Roblox is not liable for content or materials that may be offensive or objectionable.
  • Roblox is not responsible for third-party services integrated with its platform.
  • Users must comply with all applicable laws when using Roblox services.
  • Roblox provides no warranties and limits its liability regarding the services.
  • Users must indemnify Roblox against claims related to their use of the service.
  • For users in Japan, Roblox Japan is deemed the issuer of Robux.
  • For EU/EEA and UK users, local laws may supersede certain terms.

Things to watch out for

  • U.S. users have a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver, limiting their ability to bring disputes to court.
  • Roblox can change terms with immediate effect for non-material changes without prior notice.
  • Roblox can terminate accounts and revoke access without liability for violations of terms.
  • Robux purchases are final and non-refundable, even if the virtual items are later removed or modified by Roblox.
  • Roblox has extensive rights to use, modify, and distribute user-generated content.
  • Roblox's liability is limited, and it provides no warranties for the services offered.

AI recommendations

When using Roblox, especially if you're a creator or developer, be mindful of the extensive licenses you grant to Roblox for any content you create. Understand that while you retain ownership of your UGC, Roblox has broad rights to use and monetize your content. If you're purchasing Robux or virtual items, remember that these transactions are non-refundable and subject to Roblox's control. For U.S. users, be aware that you're agreeing to resolve disputes through binding arbitration, not in court. For users in the EU/EEA and UK, local consumer protection laws may offer additional rights not detailed in the global terms.


What happens to my user-generated content (UGC) once I publish it on Roblox?

When you publish UGC on Roblox, you retain ownership but grant Roblox a broad license to use, distribute, and monetize your content.

Can I get a refund for Robux or virtual items I purchase on Roblox?

No, all purchases of Robux and virtual items are final and non-refundable, according to Roblox's terms.

As a U.S. user, how are disputes with Roblox resolved?

Disputes are resolved through binding individual arbitration, not in court, and you waive the right to participate in a class action lawsuit.

(Last updated: 04th April, 2024)

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