Rumble Terms & Conditions

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  • Rumble is a user-generated video content platform with video exchange, hosting, and player services.
  • Acceptance of terms is required for use and continued use signifies acceptance of any changes to terms.
  • Rumble reserves the right to monitor and remove content from forums, live chats, and comments at their discretion.
  • Content that is libelous, defamatory, indecent, or infringes on rights is prohibited in forums.
  • Links to third-party sites are provided, but Rumble is not responsible for their content or services.
  • Use of third-party services like YouTube through Rumble requires acceptance of those services' terms.
  • Rumble grants a non-exclusive license to use their player under certain restrictions.
  • Rumble disclaims warranties and limits liability for the Rumble Player and Documentation.
  • Content submitted must not violate copyright or other rights and may be removed if it does.
  • Agency Agreement terms apply if you submit content as a creator.
  • Different agency options are available for content creators with varying levels of earnings and rights.
  • Rumble has the option to acquire copyright via assignment for content under certain options.
  • Earnings are subject to deductions like agency fees and other costs.
  • Rumble may withhold payments if unable to identify earnings related to specific content.
  • Rumble has the right to terminate your access to their services at their discretion.
  • You are responsible for compliance with local laws and indemnify Rumble against claims.
  • Rumble has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of content policies and may suspend or terminate accounts.

Things to watch out for

  • Content ownership may be transferred to Rumble under certain conditions, potentially limiting your control over your own content.
  • Payments for your content are subject to various deductions, which could significantly reduce your earnings.
  • Rumble can terminate your access without notice, which could affect your ability to use the platform or access your content.


What happens to my content if I decide to use Rumble's services?

Depending on the agency option you choose, Rumble may have exclusive rights to distribute and monetize your content, and in some cases, may acquire the copyright.

How are my earnings calculated if I monetize content on Rumble?

Earnings are subject to a 40% agency fee and other deductions such as processing fees, administrative fees, and third-party costs.

What are my responsibilities when using Rumble's platform?

You are responsible for ensuring your content does not violate any rights and for complying with local laws. You must also indemnify Rumble against any claims related to your content.

(Last updated: 04th April, 2024)

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