STIWA Code of Conduct

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  • Commits to supporting and respecting internationally proclaimed human rights (Principle 1 of UN GC).
  • Ensures non-complicity in human rights abuses (Principle 2 of UN GC).
  • Adheres to laws protecting personal data of employees, customers, suppliers, and others.
  • Supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges (Principle 7 of UN GC).
  • Promotes greater environmental responsibility (Principle 8 of UN GC).
  • Encourages the development and diffusion of eco-friendly technologies (Principle 9 of UN GC).
  • Upholds the right to collective bargaining and freedom of association in accordance with national laws.
  • Prohibits all forms of forced or compulsory labor.
  • Ensures no child labor is employed in violation of national minimum age laws.
  • Commits to eliminating discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • Complies with worker health and safety regulations, including fire safety and working hours.
  • Separates private and professional interests to avoid conflicts.
  • Prohibits the use of professional positions for private gain.
  • Complies with legal obligations to prevent money laundering.
  • Adheres to export control and foreign trade law requirements.
  • Significant breaches of the Code of Conduct may lead to an untenable working relationship, potentially ending collaboration.
  • Code of Conduct applies to all employees and those functionally equivalent to in-house staff.
  • External partners are also expected to adhere to the values and attitudes expressed in the Code of Conduct.
  • STIWA may audit compliance with the Code of Conduct at the business partner's location with prior notice and without charging fees.

Things to watch out for

  • Significant violations of the Code of Conduct might result in the termination of the collaboration with STIWA.
  • Ensure understanding of the Code of Conduct as it is a foundational element for working with STIWA and may be audited.

AI recommendations

When engaging with STIWA, it's important to align with their Code of Conduct, which reflects a strong commitment to legal compliance, human rights, environmental responsibility, and fair labor practices. Be prepared for potential audits on compliance with the Code, and understand that significant breaches could jeopardize your working relationship with the company. It's crucial to maintain transparency and avoid conflicts of interest in your dealings with STIWA.


What happens if there's a conflict between personal and professional interests?

STIWA requires a strict separation of personal and professional interests to avoid conflicts, and any arising conflicts must be resolved transparently and lawfully.

Can STIWA audit my compliance with their Code of Conduct?

Yes, STIWA can audit your compliance with their Code of Conduct at your location, given prior notice and without charging any fees for the audit.

What are the consequences of violating STIWA's Code of Conduct?

Significant violations of the Code of Conduct may lead to an untenable working relationship and could result in the termination of collaboration with STIWA.

(Last updated: 04th April, 2024)

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