tailwindflex.com Terms of Service

Read our summary of tailwindflex.com's Terms of Service.


  • Users retain ownership and copyright of the components they submit to the Website.
  • By submitting components, users grant the Website a license to use and distribute their content.
  • Submitted components are under the MIT License, allowing free use and distribution by others.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring their submitted components don't infringe on any rights or laws.
  • The Website's content is for informational purposes and not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.
  • The Website is not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the Website or its content.
  • The Website does not endorse the quality or safety of user-submitted components.
  • The Website respects user privacy according to its Privacy Policy.
  • Terms of Service may be modified at any time, with changes effective upon posting.
  • The Website is a free library of ready-made Tailwind examples.

Things to watch out for

  • By submitting components, you are allowing the Website to distribute your work without compensation.
  • You are responsible for any legal issues related to the content you submit.
  • The Website's content may not always be reliable, and it's up to you to verify its accuracy.
  • The Website's terms can change, and it's your responsibility to keep up with those changes.

AI recommendations

When using TailwindFlex.com, remember that while you maintain ownership of your submitted components, you are giving the site a broad license to use them. Be cautious about what you submit, especially if you have plans to monetize your work elsewhere. Always ensure your submissions do not violate any laws or third-party rights, as you will be held responsible for any such breaches. Keep an eye on updates to the Terms of Service, as they can affect your rights and how your content is used.


What happens to my submitted components in terms of ownership and rights?

You retain ownership, but you grant the Website a royalty-free license to use and distribute your components, which are also subject to the MIT License for others to use.

Is the Website liable for any issues that arise from using the components I find there?

No, the Website is not liable for any damages, and you use the components at your own risk and discretion.

Can the Terms of Service change after I have submitted my components?

Yes, the Website can modify the Terms at any time, and it's your responsibility to review them for any changes that might affect you.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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