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  • Tesla may store and maintain your payment information for automatic or one-time payments.
  • Your payment information is encrypted and shared with payment processors and banking partners.
  • You must maintain a valid payment method on file, or you may lose access to certain services.
  • Automatic payments can be managed or turned off in your Tesla Account.
  • Tesla may amend payment terms at any time.
  • Idle fees are charged if your car remains parked in a Supercharger stall after charging.
  • Idle fees are waived if the car is moved within five minutes after charging.
  • Supercharging is on a pay-per-use basis for vehicles ordered after certain dates.
  • Credits for free Supercharging expire and are not transferable upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle.
  • Supercharger Fair Use Policy restricts use of Superchargers for commercial purposes.

Things to watch out for

  • Ensure your payment method is always valid to avoid service interruptions.
  • Be aware of the idle fees and move your vehicle promptly after charging to avoid charges.
  • Understand the Supercharger Fair Use Policy to avoid limitations or blocks on your vehicle's charging capabilities.

AI recommendations

When using Tesla services, keep your payment information up to date to prevent any disruptions. Pay close attention to the Supercharger usage policies, especially if you're considering using your Tesla for commercial purposes, as this could lead to restrictions on your charging options. Always be mindful of idle fees at Supercharger stations to avoid unnecessary charges. It's also important to remember that any credits for free Supercharging are not transferable and will expire, so plan your charging accordingly.


What happens if I don't keep a valid payment method on file with Tesla?

Failing to maintain a valid payment method may result in an inability to access or use certain services, and Tesla may limit or block your vehicle's Supercharger access until payment issues are resolved.

How can I avoid incurring idle fees at Supercharger stations?

To avoid idle fees, move your vehicle within five minutes after it finishes charging. Idle fees are also waived when less than half of the charging stalls are occupied.

Are Supercharging credits transferable if I sell my Tesla?

No, credits for free Supercharging are not transferable upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle and will expire after a set period of time without rolling over to future periods.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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