TestGorilla Candidate Terms

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  • You must be at least sixteen (16) years old to use the Services.
  • You are prohibited from duplicating any part of the Services, except for internal use.
  • Modifying, translating, reverse engineering, or attempting to derive the source code of the software is not allowed.
  • You cannot use the Services in violation of any laws, regulations, or rules.
  • Developing software or services derived from and similar to or in competition with the Services is forbidden.
  • Bypassing or breaching any security or protection of the Services is prohibited.
  • You must not remove or obscure any proprietary notices on the Services.
  • Uploading or providing unlawful or harmful information or materials through the Services is not allowed.
  • Assisting third parties in any prohibited activities is not permitted.

Things to watch out for

  • Be aware that any attempt to reverse engineer or otherwise tamper with the software could lead to legal consequences.
  • Using the service for any unlawful purposes or uploading harmful materials is strictly prohibited and could result in termination of your access.
  • Creating competing services using insights from TestGorilla's platform is not allowed and could result in legal action.

AI recommendations

Before using TestGorilla's services, ensure that you are comfortable with the restrictions on use, such as the prohibition on reverse engineering and creating competing services. Be mindful of the content and materials you upload, as unlawful or harmful submissions are taken seriously and could lead to termination of your access or legal issues. If you are under the age of sixteen, you will not be able to use the service legally.


Can I use TestGorilla's services if I'm under sixteen years old?

No, you must be at least sixteen (16) years old to use the Services provided by TestGorilla.

Am I allowed to share or modify the software provided by TestGorilla?

No, you are not allowed to duplicate, modify, or reverse engineer the software, except for internal use within your organization.

What happens if I use TestGorilla's services to create a competing product?

Creating a competing service using insights from TestGorilla is prohibited and could lead to legal action against you.

(Last updated: 05th January, 2024)

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