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  • TestGorilla is SOC2 type 2 certified, indicating a high standard of security for your data.
  • Personal data such as full name, email, and IP address are collected from both candidates and customers.
  • Video recordings and career-related information are collected from candidates.
  • Demographic data collection is optional for candidates.
  • Personal data may be shared with customers, test authors, and suppliers.
  • You can opt out of communications from TestGorilla.
  • Aggregated and anonymized data are used for benchmarks and service improvement.
  • Users have rights under GDPR, including data access, correction, and erasure.
  • Retention of candidate data is for 2 years, and webcam pictures for anti-cheating measures are kept for 6 months.
  • Data may be transferred outside your country, potentially to places with different data protection laws.
  • Children under 16 are not the target audience, and their data is not knowingly collected.
  • Privacy Policy may be updated, and continued use of the platform after updates constitutes acceptance.

Data Collection

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Phone number (customers only)
  • Address, postal code, city, state (customers only)
  • Date of birth
  • Username and password
  • Video recording (candidates only)
  • Demographic data (optional for candidates)
  • Career-related information (e.g., education, job history)
  • Answers to test questions (candidates only)
  • Communications with TestGorilla
  • Subscriptions/preferences (customers only)

Things to watch out for

  • TestGorilla collects extensive personal data, which may be shared with third parties like customers and suppliers.
  • Your data may be held on servers outside your country, which could affect your data's protection.
  • Updates to the Privacy Policy will affect you, and you're expected to review them periodically.


What personal data does TestGorilla collect from me as a user?

TestGorilla collects various personal data including your full name, email address, IP address, career-related information, and potentially video recordings among others.

Can I opt out of communications from TestGorilla and what are my rights regarding my personal data?

Yes, you can opt out of communications and have rights under GDPR, such as accessing, correcting, and requesting the deletion of your personal data.

How long does TestGorilla retain my personal data and what happens to it?

Candidate data is retained for 2 years, and webcam pictures for 6 months. Your data may be transferred to servers in the European Economic Area or outside your country.

(Last updated: 05th January, 2024)

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