Ticketek Australia Terms & Conditions

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  • Ticketek acts as an agent for event Sellers, not as the principal party.
  • Ticketek may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, affecting future purchases.
  • Tickets are also subject to the Seller's Terms, which may include Conditions of Entry.
  • Ticketek has limited liability for issues arising from events, focusing responsibility on the Seller.
  • Ticketek can limit, suspend, or terminate your account if you violate their Terms or act inappropriately.
  • Refunds or exchanges are not provided for changes in personal circumstances or external factors like weather.
  • Refunds or exchanges are possible if an event is canceled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated by the Seller.
  • Ticketek may charge a fee to replace lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets.
  • Event Sellers may alter the event without prior notice, including the lineup or venue.
  • You may be denied entry or removed from an event based on the Seller's discretion.
  • You consent to be recorded or filmed at the event, and for this content to be used without compensation.
  • Tickets must be authentic and valid, and entry can be refused if there's any question of this.
  • Reselling tickets without consent or at a premium is prohibited and may result in ticket cancellation.
  • Ticket delivery methods may be changed to prevent scalping.
  • There may be limitations on the number of tickets you can purchase for an event.
  • Ticketek may cancel your order due to system errors, including incorrect pricing.
  • Customer errors that require reprocessing may incur additional costs.

Things to watch out for

  • Refunds are not given for personal circumstances or external factors, only for event cancellations or significant changes.
  • Terms and Conditions can change at any time, which could affect your rights for future ticket purchases.
  • Unauthorized ticket resale is prohibited and could result in cancellation without a refund.
  • Be aware of the Seller's Terms, as they may impose additional restrictions or conditions.

AI recommendations

Before purchasing tickets from Ticketek, ensure that you are comfortable with the strict conditions regarding refunds and exchanges. Consider the potential for event changes, and be prepared that you may not be able to recoup costs if your personal circumstances change. If you are purchasing tickets as a gift or for a group, make sure all attendees are aware of the potential for event changes and the consent to be recorded or filmed. Always buy tickets directly from Ticketek or authorized sellers to avoid issues with ticket validity.


What happens if the event I have tickets for is canceled or rescheduled?

Ticketek will provide a refund or exchange if the event is canceled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated, and you cannot or do not wish to attend the new date or location. You must apply for a refund within the specified time frame.

Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend an event due to personal reasons?

No, Ticketek does not offer refunds or exchanges due to personal circumstances or external factors like adverse weather conditions.

Is it okay to resell my Ticketek ticket if I can't attend the event?

No, reselling your ticket without the prior written consent of Ticketek and the Seller is prohibited and may result in the ticket being canceled without a refund.


(Last updated: 02nd January, 2024)

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