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  • By using the site, you agree to the Terms as they are presented.
  • Services are provided "as is" with no warranties, which means you have limited recourse if something goes wrong.
  • The site can modify or discontinue services without notice, potentially disrupting your use of the site.
  • You are responsible for all activity on your account, so keep your login information secure.
  • You may receive emails from the site, but you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • The site is not responsible for third-party content, which could lead to issues if you rely on that content.
  • You can't use the site's content without permission, limiting how you can interact with the site's materials.
  • You must indemnify the site, meaning you could be responsible for legal costs if your use leads to a dispute.
  • The site does not guarantee the accuracy of its materials, so you use the site at your own risk.
  • Terms may change, and continued use after changes means you accept the new terms.

Things to watch out for

  • The lack of warranties means you use the services at your own risk.
  • Your account security is your responsibility; any misuse under your account falls on you.
  • Content from third-party sites is not verified, which could lead to misinformation.
  • Changes to the Terms can happen at any time, and by continuing to use the site, you accept these changes.

AI recommendations

When using, it's important to approach the services and content with caution due to the lack of warranties and the disclaimer of responsibility for third-party links. Ensure that you keep your account information private to prevent unauthorized use. If you're relying on the site for important decisions, verify the information independently since the site doesn't guarantee accuracy. Be prepared for potential changes in terms and services, which could affect how you use the site or the services offered.


What should I do if I find inaccurate or outdated information on

The site does not promise that all materials are accurate or current, so it's recommended to independently verify any information you plan to rely on.

Can I use the content from for my own purposes?

No, you may not use the site's content without prior written consent, as it is protected by intellectual property laws.

What happens if changes its Terms after I have started using the services?

If you continue to use the services after the Terms have been updated, you are agreeing to the new Terms. It's important to regularly review the Terms to understand your rights and obligations.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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