Tripadvisor Terms of Use

Read our summary of Tripadvisor's Terms of Use.


  • Access to various Tripadvisor services and content is conditional upon agreement to these terms.
  • Tripadvisor can modify terms and services without prior notice, potentially affecting your use and expectations.
  • Users can terminate their agreement with Tripadvisor by closing their account.
  • Content you provide to Tripadvisor is subject to a broad license, which Tripadvisor can monetize or sublicense.
  • Tripadvisor disclaims responsibility for the accuracy of content on its platform.
  • Users can restrict Tripadvisor's license rights to their content by opting for a Restricted License.
  • Tripadvisor is not liable for any issues arising from third-party services booked through their platform.
  • Tripadvisor may contain links to third-party sites, which are not controlled by Tripadvisor.
  • Use of Tripadvisor's mobile apps is subject to additional mobile licenses.
  • Tripadvisor's currency converter is for guidance only and not guaranteed for accuracy.
  • Tripadvisor's liability in connection with the services is limited, potentially leaving users without recourse for certain issues.
  • Disputes arising from these terms will be governed by the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.
  • Tripadvisor retains the right to reclaim usernames or other identifiers on their platform.

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious of the broad license you grant to Tripadvisor for any content you provide.
  • Understand that Tripadvisor is not responsible for inaccuracies in content or third-party services.
  • Be aware that Tripadvisor's liability is limited, which may affect your ability to seek recourse for issues.
  • Notice that Tripadvisor can modify terms and services at any time, which could impact your use of the platform.

AI recommendations

When using Tripadvisor, it's important to remember that while it is a valuable resource for travel information and booking, the platform is not liable for inaccuracies or issues with third-party services. Always double-check information and confirm details with direct providers. If you're contributing content, consider the implications of the broad license you grant to Tripadvisor, and if necessary, opt for a Restricted License for more control over your content. Keep in mind the limitations on Tripadvisor's liability, and be prepared that you may not have recourse through Tripadvisor for any disputes with third-party suppliers.


What rights does Tripadvisor have over the content I post?

Tripadvisor is granted a broad license to use, reproduce, and sublicense your content, but you can opt for a Restricted License to limit this.

Is Tripadvisor responsible for the accuracy of the information on its platform?

No, Tripadvisor disclaims responsibility for content accuracy and is not liable for errors or inaccuracies.

What happens if I have a dispute with a third-party service I booked through Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor is not liable for third-party services, so you would need to resolve disputes directly with the service provider.

(Last updated: 18th December, 2023)

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