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  • You can unsubscribe from Vivaldi's emails at any time.
  • Vivaldi's terms apply to all their services including webmail, blogs, forums, sync, social, and themes.
  • You are responsible for all activities under your account and any actions taken in connection with it.
  • Vivaldi respects your intellectual property rights and privacy.
  • You must not engage in harassment, threats, or illegal activities within the community.
  • Automating interactions with Vivaldi's services or using them for spam is prohibited.
  • Vivaldi is not liable for any damages from your use of their website and services.
  • Accounts exceeding the email quota of 5GB will be blocked from sending or receiving mail.
  • You retain ownership of the content you publish on Vivaldi's platforms.
  • Inactive accounts may be permanently removed after 6 months of non-use.

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious of the content you post; it must not violate intellectual property rights or community guidelines.
  • Remember that Vivaldi may terminate your account for violations of the terms without prior notice.
  • Understand that any data deleted from your account, including forum topics and comments, cannot be restored.

AI recommendations

When using Vivaldi's services, make sure to actively manage your account to avoid deletion due to inactivity. Be vigilant about the content you share and ensure it adheres to the community guidelines to prevent any potential issues with your account. If you're concerned about privacy or intellectual property, Vivaldi's stance on these issues is user-friendly, but always be aware of your responsibilities as outlined in their terms.


What happens if I don't use my Vivaldi account for an extended period?

If you do not log in or participate in community activities for more than 6 months, your account and its contents may be permanently removed.

Can Vivaldi terminate my account without warning?

Yes, Vivaldi may suspend or terminate your access to their services for any reason, including terms violations or if providing services to you is no longer commercially viable.

Do I own the content I post on Vivaldi's platforms?

Yes, you retain ownership of your content, but by using the services, you grant Vivaldi an irrevocable license to use, copy, display, distribute, and adapt your content for running their services.

(Last updated: 09th December, 2023)

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