VK Privacy Policy

Read our summary of VK's Privacy Policy.


  • The policy ensures protection of user information, including personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.
  • The Site Administration can modify the Privacy Policy and will notify users of changes 10 days before they become effective.
  • Some personal information posted by users may become publicly available and could be copied and disseminated by others.
  • The Site Administration does not routinely check user information unless necessary to fulfill its obligations.
  • Users can request the Site Administration to update, block, or delete their personal data if necessary.
  • The Site Administration processes user information to fulfill its obligations for service provision.
  • User data may be transferred to third parties with user consent, which could be obtained through the use of applications on the site.
  • Users have control over the confidentiality settings of their personal data and shared content.
  • The Site Administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties who may access user information based on the user's privacy settings.
  • Users have the right to access their information and adjust privacy settings using the site's tools.
  • Certain user information is always available to any registered site user, such as name and profile photo.
  • Personal data may be stored even after a user deletes their account, as per Russian Federation law.
  • Technical and organizational measures are in place to protect user information from unauthorized actions.
  • Users can view their account activity history to monitor for unauthorized access.
  • The Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party actions or internet resources, potentially leaving gaps in user privacy protection.

Things to watch out for

  • Be cautious about the personal information you post, as it may become publicly available and could be copied and disseminated by others.
  • Understand that by using applications on the site, you may be giving consent for your data to be transferred to third parties.
  • Remember that the Site Administration is not responsible for third-party actions, so review your privacy settings carefully.
  • Be aware that your personal data may be stored by the Site Administration even after you delete your account.

AI recommendations

When using VK.com, it's important to carefully manage your privacy settings to control who can see your personal information. Be mindful of the content you share, as it could become accessible to a wider audience than you intend. If you decide to use any applications within VK, read their terms and privacy policies, as these are third-party services that may have different rules regarding data usage. Lastly, if you ever choose to delete your VK account, remember that some of your data may still be retained by the site in accordance with Russian law.


What personal data does VK collect from me?

VK collects data necessary for registration (name, surname, sex, phone number, email), information you provide on your profile, and additional data received during site access, such as IP address, operating system, and browser type.

Can I control who sees my personal information on VK?

Yes, you can adjust the privacy settings for your personal data and content shared on VK, but some basic information, like your name and profile photo, is always visible to registered users.

What happens to my personal data if I delete my VK account?

Your personal data may be stored on VK's electronic media for a period defined by Russian law, even after you delete your account. You have a 210-day period to restore your account after deletion.

(Last updated: 18th December, 2023)

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